The first test will be on chapters 1-4 in the geography book. Students should be studying every day for at least 5 minutes out of the notebook, not the book.  Every test question and answer will be given in class and should be written in the notebook.  Some questions I have already put on the blog with more to come.

here are some things that will be bellworks and test questions

How does the movement of the Earth around the sun affect our environment?

What is the difference between place and location?
What is Human-Environment Interaction?
What are the five parts of a map?
What are three types of natural resources?
What is the difference between weather and climate?
What is population density?
What are the five types of climates?
Why do people migrate?
What types of areas are large numbers of people moving to?
What are cultural traits?
What factors affect population distribution?
What are the five types of climates?