Chapters 1 & 2 – Matching Game

Hello class! As you continue to study for the upcoming test, I made a fun matching game that will help you remember some important things that are on the test.

To make it more challenging, I set a time limit of two minutes to match all of the items. Try your best to match as many definitions as you can. If you get three wrong, you’ll have to start over. To start over and try again, just press the play button. Keep trying and see if you can get them all correct!

Mr. Serazio – Ancient History – Chapters 1 & 2 Matching Game

If we have time, we’ll play this game in class tomorrow when we review for the test. I hope you enjoy the game! Good luck 🙂

-Mr. Golich, Student Teacher

Chapter 1 & 2 Test – Wednesday, Nov. 4th

Update: Chapter 1 & 2 Test will be on Wednesday, November 4th. We were supposed to have it on Tuesday, but we don’t have school on Tuesday 🙂

Here are some other questions that will be on the test:

  • What advantage over previous hominid groups did the invention of the spear thrower give to early modern humans?
  • Reading: I will have a MEAP-type reading section about Louis and Mary Leakey on the test.  You will have to read the section then answer three questions. The questions are:
    • Who paid for much of the Leakey’s work?
    • What did Mary Leakey realize about the footprints that made them really exiting?
    • What have new findings shown about the early interpretations of hominid remains?
  • Matching: The last group of questions will be matching the characteristic to the hominid group. Remember, the 5 hominid groups are:
    • Australopithecus (Lucy’s)
    • Homo Habilis
    • Homo Erectus
    • Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
    • Homo Sapiens Sapiens


Here are some things that could be on the test coming up (Friday or Monday)




Homo Habilis


Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis


Homo Sapiens Sapiens


Homo Erectus


What are people who study the past are most like

Why do historians read diaries and letters from the past

When is prehistoric times

What evidence is there that prehistoric cave artists built wood structures?

What artifacts have been found near artwork in caves

Why are ancient handprints found on cave walls very small

What was lucy’s superpower

What helped homo habilis survive against animal attacks

What does Homo Habilis mean

What do scientsts conclude about a lot of bones found in one location

What trait made homo erectus well suited for traveling

how did large brains help homo sapiens neanderthalensis survive

at neanderthal sites, evidence from burial mounds, showed that people cared for the sick and injured led scientists to believe that neanderthals had what?

more later….


Here are the things that will be on the test tomorrow.  sorry about the spelling and capitalization errors, i am trying to get to my sons cross country race.

difference between place and location

difference between weather and climate

what factors affect population distribution

5 parts of a map

five types of climate

human environment interaction

push pull theory

natural resources – give an example of each


prime meridian


latitude lines


population density

globe scale

cardinal directions

longitude lines

why population explosion in last 100 years

two factors that shape and reshape the earth

cultural traits – name two


fossil fuels



compass rose

green revolution migration

urban areas

rural areas

natural resources

why did the worlds population rise so slowly?

movement of earth affect our environment

10 questions on 5 themes of geography

14 questions on the map of asia

any questions tonight let me know, i will try to get on about 8 pm after i pick up my daughter


Today we have a home work assignment about the three types of Natural Resources.  (page 32 in the book)  Students need to (on the next clean page in their notebook write down the three types of natural resources, write the definition, give an example, and draw a picture of each.


In the next few days, I will be putting more stuff on the test on the blog.