Spelling Words

Week 15: soft c and g

race, lace, face, brace, age, cage, page, wage

try, give, far, too

Week 14: long o silent e

hope, rope, nope, nose, those, chose, joke, spoke

find, how, over, under

Week 13: long a silent e

game, name, shame, frame, take, fake, shake, brake

why, many, right, start

Week 12: 3 letter blends

splash, split, strap, stretch, squid, squint, sprint, spring

when, from, their, because

Week 11: ch, tch, wh

chop, check, chill, pitch, match, clutch, whim, which

once, upon, hurt, that

Week 10: th, sh, ng

shop, ship, shut, sing, bring, thing, this, than

our, were, could, these

Week 9: final consonant blends

jump, clamp, mist, west, trust, bland, send, wind

by, good, who, them

Week 8: s-blends

skin, skip, skill, smug, smell, smock, swim, swell

out, then, was, there

Week 7: r-blends

dress, drip, drill, grim, grab, grass, trim, truck

do, now, went, which

Week 6: L-blends

class, clip, clock, flick, flat, flag, block, black

what, put, want, this, saw

Week 5: short u

rug, bug, hug, cup, up, fun, sun, run

to, of, here, come

Week 4: short e

ten, men, pen, let, met, wet, fed, bed

are, my, said, two, look

Week 3: short o

mop, top, hop, lock, rock, sock, hot, not

no, for, one, jump, have

Week 2: short i

lip, hip, rip, win, pin, bin, hit, bit

play, you, little, with

Week 1: short a

ran, can, fan, had, mad, pat, bat, hat

and, go, see, she, the