Spelling Words

Week 30: y, ey (last test)

penny, puppy, windy, lucky, turkey, valley, chimney, hockey

blue, answer, eight, any

Week 29: aw, al, augh

dawn, fawn, drawn, fall, small, wall, caught, taught

mother, father, never, below

Week 28: kn, wr, gn

knot, know, knife, write, wrote, wreck, gnat, gnome

better, carry, learn, very

Week 27: oo

room, doom, gloom, bloom, hood, good, wood, stood

does, wash, some, another

Week 26: oi, oy

foil, coil, soil, coin, join, joy, toy, boy

walk, only, buy, through

Week 25: ou, ow

gown, down, clown, pout, shout, sprout, mouse, house

before, done, about, even

Week 24: ir, er, ur

turn, burn, churn, skirt, shirt, squirt, fern, stern

earth, every, near, school

Week 23: or, ore, oar

corn, born, horn, core, more, chore, roar, boar

away, change, laugh, move

Week 22: ar

part, chart, smart, car, far, star, yard, hard

boy, city, four, great

Week 21: igh, i, y

right, night, light, find, mind, kind, shy, fly

again, country, round, they

Week 20: ee, ea

street, greet, fleet, feed, seed, cheat, meat, seat

all, draw, people, where

Week 19: oa, ow, o

goat, moat, float, bow, low, glow, cold, hold

always, found, know, your

Week 18: ai, ay

pail, mail, wail, rain, grain, stay, gray, spray

brown, live, work, year

Week 17: long e silent e, long u silent e

cute, mute, flute, cube, tube, rude, these, theme

house, long, off, small

Week 16: long i silent e

line, mine, vine, rice, nice, slice, life, strife

after, call, large, her

Week 15: soft c, soft g

race, lace, face, brace, age, cage, page, wage

try, give, too, far

Week 14: long o silent e

hope, rope, nope, those, nose, chose, joke, spoke

find, how, over, under

Week 13: long a silent e

game, name, shame, frame, take, fake, shake, brake

why, many, right, start

Week 12: 3-letter blends – spl, str, squ, spr

splash, split, strap, stretch, squid, squint, sprint, spring

from, their, when, because

Week 11: digraphs- ch, tch, wh

chop, chill, check, match, pitch, clutch, whim, which

once, hurt, upon, that

Week 10: digraphs- sh, th, ng

ship, shop, shut, this, than, thing, sing, bring

our, were, these, could

Week 9: final blends

send, wind, bland, mist, west, trust, jump, clamp

who, good, by, them

Week 8: s-blends

skin, skip, skill, smug, smell, smock, swim, swell

was, out, then, there

Week 7: r-blends

drip, drill, dress, grim, grab, grass, trim, truck

do, now, went, which

Week 6: l-blends

clip, class, clock, flat, flag, flick, black, block

what, put, want, this, saw

Week 5: short u

bug, hug, rug, fun, sun, run, up, cup

to, of, come, here

Week 4: short e

ten, men, pen, let, met, wet, fed, bed

are, my, said, look, two

Week 3: short o

mop, top, hop, lock, rock, sock, hot, not

no, for, one, jump, have

Week 2: short i

lip, hip, rip, win, pin, bin, hit, bit

play, you, with, little

Week 1: short a

ran, can, fan, pat, bat, hat, had, mad

go, see, she, the, and