Fine Motor Friday

Today, let’s focus on put-in tasks.  Put-in tasks are simply that…activities where the child has to put objects into a container.

Why put-in activities?

  • It’s a repetitive task which can be calming for a child
  • Helps with attention span
  • Increases work endurance
  • Practices grasp and release 
  • Improves dexterity 
  • Improves hand manipulation
  • Increases visual motor skills
  • Teaches children to work independently

Here are some examples of put-in tasks you can create with items from around the house:

Put crayons or markers into a bottle

Put toothpicks in a jar

Put buttons or coins in through a slot

Use tongs to put blocks into a container

Cards into a slot

Q-tips into a small opening

You can make a put-in task out of anything! To make these tasks more difficult (if your child is ready) have them sort while putting in, use tongs instead of fingers, or use smaller objects.