Name Activities

Here are some activities that your child could do at home to practice identifying their name.

  • writing their name in shaving cream
  • spelling their name with magnetic letters
How to Improve Alphabet Recognition by Sorting Letters #greatnames Kids are very interested in the letters in their names.  Sorting letters with name cards is a great way to help kids learn the alphabet.  A cookie sheet with a washi tape divider makes an excellent tray for sorting magnetic letters.  This is a great literacy activity for preschool and pre-k.
  • painting their name with a paintbrush or fingerpaint
Here is a quick & easy toddler or preschooler activity! Decorating their name using their fingerprints! #toddleractivity #preschooleractivity #finemotorskills
  • an adult/older sibling could write the child’s name in highlighter or yellow marker and the child could trace their name with a marker (same color or rainbow write – rainbow write is each letter is a different color of the rainbow) or with glitter glue.
  • an adult/older sibling could write the child’s name and cut out each letter and have the child put their name back together like a puzzle
Making Technology Meaningful in Primary - Education to the Core
  • matching their name with post-its or notecards
  • dot stickers – plain
This rainbow name tracing activity is a fun and colorful way to teach names while developing fine motor skills. Great for toddlers, preschool, and even kindergarten kids!

  • or with the letters of their name on them
Use this dot sticker name recognition activity to teach preschoolers their name in a fun, hands-on way!
  • write the names of all of the family members and have everyone find their name

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