We identified the first letter of our name and then decorated our initial letter!

We learned about polar bears.
One fact that we learned: they roll in the snow!
We rolled to pretend to be like polar bears (and practice our gross motor skills)!

We learned about the Super Bowl and then shared who we wanted to win the big game.

Call Ms. Bowdell crazy (just kidding! :P), but our class hasn’t celebrated birthdays in a while so we celebrated Ms. Bowdell’s very favorite person’s – JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s – birthday….. (it sounded like a great idea at the time and the cupcakes were super yummy! ;] Thank you so much for the delicious cupcakes, Ms. Diane!)

We learned about the month of February.

We learned about Valentine’s Day. We read informational texts about Valentine’s Day and then a fictional text called ‘My Little Valentine’. We made a class version of ‘My Little Valentine’ – by doing so, we chose our own valentine and then decorated our own valentines. We have so much fun at school! <3

Valentine’s Day

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day in our classroom on February 14. I will send home a hard copy of this note this Friday.

Please make sure that you return your child’s *completed* valentines in a timely fashion so your child is able to participate.