Monday, February 12, 2018

Spanish 1:  Examen Friday:  Vocabulario 3.2 & the verbs IR and JUGAR

Vocab Quizlet:

IR and JUGAR study guide:  doc00329220180212145842


Spanish 3 & 4:  Examen Thursday:  Vocabulario 8.2 & Por vs. Para

Vocabulary Quizlet :

Vocabulary Study Guide:  doc00327920180212110019

Por vs. Para Rules Quizlet:

practice:  doc00332920180214141541 answer key:  doc00333020180214141728

practice:  doc00333120180214141823 answer key:  doc00333220180214141915

practice:  doc00333320180214142036 answer key:  doc00333420180214142125

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