Monday, December 17, 2018

Spanish 3&4:

Here is the study guide and resources for the final. doc00052020170118151517 doc00052120170118151538 doc00052220170118151555 doc00052320170118151613 doc00052420170118151632 doc00054220170119134250 doc00054320170119134308.

Quizlet regular preterite:

Quizlet preterite of ir, ser, and hacer:

Here is the quizlet for the irregular preterite:

Vocabulary 3.1 quizlet:

Spanish 1 :  The following vocabulary will be on your final exam in addition to grammar that we will review after the break.  You should use quizlet to review the vocabulary.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Spanish 3-4:  Here are some resources for Monday’s quiz on i.o. pronouns and saber vs. conocer.

Quizlet:  Saber vs. Conocer:

Practice i.o. pronouns:

Study Guide without answers:  doc00513720181205075228  doc00513820181205075247

Study Guide with answers:  doc00513920181205085757  doc00514020181205085817

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Spanish 3:  Test Tuesday!

Quizlet 2.1:

Quizlet nationalities:

study guide  with answers:  doc00500920181114153708 doc00501020181114153742 doc00501120181114153802

study guide without answers:  doc00501220181114154053doc00501320181114154114doc00501420181114154145

Spanish 1 Vocabulary  2.2 Quizlet:

Monday, October 22, 2018

Spanish 1 Resources for Chapter 2.1:

Study Guide with answers: doc00482020181025114306 doc00482120181025114326

Blank Study Guide: doc00482220181025114348 doc00482320181025114407

Vocabulary 2.1:  doc00092420171109082215 doc00092520171109082238

Quizlet link:

Here are the notes on SER (to be):  doc00244020171009131832

Flashcards on pronouns:

Flashcards on SER(to be):

Flashcards on adjective agreement:

Spanish 1:  Here are some study tools for Question Words.

doc00282420171201110545  doc00282520171201110607

Kahoot Link:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Spanish 3 & 4:  Test 1.1 Tuesday!

Study Guide:  doc00454620180921080547 doc00454720180921080708

Vocabulary 1.1:  doc00454920180921080935 doc00455020180921080956 doc00455120180921081015

Grammar 1.1:  doc00455520180921081438 doc00455620180921081504 doc00455720180921081522

Spanish 1:  Vocabulary 1.2  doc00455820180921081858doc00455920180921082011

quizlet link:

links for songs: