Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spanish 3-4:  Grammar, Listening, Reading, and Writing Test Monday! doc00568720190313104848

Quizlets:  vocab 4.1

Ser vs Estar :

notes:  doc00568820190313110034 doc00568920190313110051

Ponerse, dar, decir:

notes:  doc00569020190313110142  doc00569120190313110159

Stem-changing preterite:

notes:  doc00569220190313110301

Monday, December 17, 2018

Spanish 3&4:

Here is the study guide and resources for the final. doc00052020170118151517 doc00052120170118151538 doc00052220170118151555 doc00052320170118151613 doc00052420170118151632 doc00054220170119134250 doc00054320170119134308.

Quizlet regular preterite:

Quizlet preterite of ir, ser, and hacer:

Here is the quizlet for the irregular preterite:

Vocabulary 3.1 quizlet:

Spanish 1 :  The following vocabulary will be on your final exam in addition to grammar that we will review after the break.  You should use quizlet to review the vocabulary.