Occupational Therapy Home Exercise Program

*****NOTE: Do not perform any of these exercises if your child complains of discomfort or pain. Every child is different and motor abilities vary. Slowly work with your child to increase their ability to complete each activity.

There is a direct relationship between activities and the stimulation children receive when they are babies and very young children and their ability to do well at school. This is supported and borne out by extensive research. It has been shown that children’s neuro physiological development is vital for their ability to read and learn.

Complete the following exercises daily for >20-30 minutes to improve:

  • Motor Development (Gross and Fine)
  • Sensory Processing / Balance / Vision / Listening / Touch
  • Regulation / Emotions / Behavior
  • Attention / Learning
  • Gut Health

1. Rolling: (Child should be able to roll both directions with hands straight above their head.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whgO8_tTHlE   

2. Being upside down

3. Spinning both directions: Preferably slow to avoid overstimulation.

4. Tummy Time: Playing anything on tummy (if your child did not enjoy tummy time or had limited belly play before they began creeping or crawling, this milestone is a must for the beginning phases of ALL brain development)

5. Creeping on belly (army crawl): Creeping on belly (army crawling). Exercise easiest on a smooth surface, while wearing comfortable clothing and with bare feet.

6. Crawling on hands and knees: This is especially important if your child had limited floor time, walked early/late or did not crawl for roughly 4 months

7. “Superman”: Lay on belly, straighten arms and legs, child should be able to hold for 30 seconds

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