Alphabet Exercise

Get moving and grooving this weekend with these exercises- one for each letter of the alphabet!

  • Arm rolls: Move both arms in a circle at the same time. Try forwards and backwards.
  • Butterfly legs: Have child sit on the floor with legs flexed and bottom of feet touching. Then have them flap their legs up and down to resemble the wings of a butterfly.
  • Crab walk: Have child sit on the floor, lean back on their arms and lift their body up with their legs and arms to walk along the floor resembling the walk of a crab.
  • Duck walk: Crouch down low to the ground and walk around the room. Bend your arms and flap them like wings.
  • Elephant trunk: Lean forward. Place your arms in front of you and link your hands. Swing your arms back and forth like an elephants trunk.
  • Frog Jump: Squat close to the ground with your hands on the floor. Jump up and down like a frog.
  • Giant leaps: Jump as far as possible using two feet.
  • High knees: March with knees alternating. Try walk around the room or in place. Reach your knees as high as possible. Try touching your knees to hands.
  • Incline crawl: Climb up a slide, leaning couch cushion, leaning mattress, or even the stairs.
  • Jumping Jacks: Have child start by standing with arms out to their sides and legs together then have them jump while spreading their legs and feet apart and arms up and over their head. Follow with bringing arms back to sides and legs and feet back together.
  • Knee squats: Start standing and squat using your legs to the ground. Repeat!
  • Lunges: Have child step forward with one leg and lower their hips until both knees are bent, then push back up to starting position. Alternate legs.
  • Mega Jumps: Have child jump from a higher level to the floor, either from a chair, sofa, steps, etc. Make sure they are being supervised and safe!
  • Neck rolls: Roll your neck slowly in circles (both directions). Roll your neck forward and backward. Roll your neck side to side.
  • Overhead stretches: Have child reach up overhead, link fingers together and stretch arms up as high as possible. Add standing on tiptoes to make it really high. 
  • Push Ups: Lie on the floor and push yourself up with arms and hands. If its too challenging try from your knees.
  • Quad stretches: Have child perform, sit to stands and stand to sits, while sitting in a chair. Do this repeatedly.
  • Run in place: Run without moving forwards. Try to do it for 20 seconds.
  • Snake Slither: Have child lie on their stomach and move their body forward trying to keep as much of their body in contact with the floor as possible, similar to an army crawl.
  • Toe touches: Have child stand and bend over to touch their toes with their fingers and back up to standing. Do this repeatedly.
  • Under/over maze: Create a laser maze with string, tape, yarn, etc. Have the child move under and over through it to the other side.
  • Vertical Wall Taps: Have child stand beside a wall and jump to tap the wall attempting to beat their last height touched with each jump.
  • Windmills: Have child stand with arms and legs out to the sides. Have them bend over to touch right fingertips to left toes and back up to standing and then bend to touch left fingertips to right toes and back up to standing.
  • X-marks the spot: Cross and uncross your arms and legs while jumping.
  • Yoga pose: Have child pick a yoga pose to complete, such as cat pose, cobra pose, or shark pose.
  • Zig zag run: Use small obstacles to create a zig zag course or simply attempt to run a zig zag pattern.

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