Last Art Assignments of the Year: Week of June 1 – June 5

During this week, try to catch up on MISSING ASSIGNMENTS.
IF YOU TURN IN SOMETHING TO ME (WITH A PHOTO OF YOUR WORK (past due work, or your new assignment, I will give you credit!)

This change is due to a revised due date of June 11th for submission of final grades.

Third, Fourth and Fifth grades: Draw, color or paint an Abstract landscape.

A picture of outside is called a landscape. This landscape is abstract because it includes different patterns. A pattern is when something is repeated like a letter, number, line, shape or color. (NOTE: If you do not have materials to paint at home, you can use whatever materials you have available.)

Second Grade: Practice Drawing a Realistic Landscape with a Treehouse.

1st grade: Practice drawing a tree following a six easy steps tutorial. Color your tree when you are done.

How to Draw an Orange Tree Tutorial

Kindergarten: Practice drawing a tree using lines and shapes. Color your tree when you are done.

How to Draw a Tree with Lines and Shapes

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