December 17

December 16-20

Pre-algebra : Unit of Study: Lesson 12: Slope intercept form

Students will learn how to analyze a proportional relationship and identify slope & y-intercept to write a linear equation.(Group work/ Independent skill).

Formative Assessments:   daily 

ELA: Unit of Study: Informational Text

Students will close read an informational book aligned to social studies and complete Cornell Notes.

U.S. History / Unit of Study:  The United States Constitution- continue

Students will read and analyze informational texts related to U.S. Constitution and six principles of the government. They will complete foldables.

Student will learn new academic vocabulary. They will complete thinking maps and orally present it as a group.

Study Skills : Lesson Focus: Multi-step Equation with Distributive property

Students will work in groups to solve equations using inverse operations and distributive property.

Physical Science : Unit of Study: History of Earth- Plate Tectonics-continue

They will read informational articles, learn new academic vocabulary, and write facts about Plate tectonics . They will create foldables.

Dear Parents,

Please check your child’s planner for the homework assignments every day.

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