January 28

WIDA Testing

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following information regarding WIDA testing this school year. We thank you for your cooperation during this time. 

  • The state of Michigan requires all English Language Learners (ELLs) to take the WIDA Assessment, an academic English language proficiency test, every year.
  • There are four parts to the test:  Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Test information and results help teachers plan how best to teach your child and provide proper services.
  • Based on this WIDA data, your child’s intervention support is determined.
  • The test will be administered in person, and all safety measures to prevent covid-19 will be in place.
  • You will receive a reminder phone call before your child’s scheduled assessment day.
  • Drop off your child at the main office door. 
  • Students must wear masks.
  • The test may take 4 hours from 8:45 until 12:45. 
  • Please be on time.
  • Students will be marked school-related on the day of their test. 
  • Students will be provided with a snack. 
  • Students will call for a ride when they have finished testing.
  • Please pick up your child promptly.
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October 4

In person Learning Labs


The school is now implementing in person and virtual learning labs in the afternoon during asynchronous learning.  Each week I will have a group of students to work with.  This is to help you with technology issues you may be having with Zoom and Schoology, work on a skill that needs to be reinforced and/or help you get caught up on missing assignments in my class. Our meetings will take place on the following time and day: 

  • Zoom Virtual Meeting (Monday/ Wednesday/ Thursday))
  • In-Person Learning Lab (Every Tuesday & Friday)
  • Please enter the school through door # 2. 

Learning labs are required and your attendance will be tracked.  Please bring the following with you to every Learning Lab Session:


Ms. Hamze

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August 27

Welcome parents and students!

Hope you are all doing well with family! it is my pleasure to teach your child this academic school year! Excited to teach your child virtually!

Please subscribe to my iblog by adding your email address ( located on right) to receive notification everytime I post important updates on my Iblog.

I will call you this weekend to welcome you and provide you with important information about your schedule.

Thank you,

Ms. hamze

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June 10

Dear Parent(s),

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

For a better future of our city, schools, and students , please click on the link now and fill out the census. It only takes a few minutes from your time to make a difference.

Complete the Census application here: 



Ms. Hamze

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June 9

Important Announcements

**Last day of school: Thursday 6/11/2020

Eighth Grade Drive-by Promotion Ceremony 2020 

On June 11th  from 10:00-12:00 we will honor our eighth graders through a drive by promotion ceremony. We are very proud of our eighth graders and we want to congratulate them even if we cannot hold an actual ceremony. Everyone must remain in their cars and drive by to pick up their certification of completion. We are kindly asking that you do not walk to the school in order to honor CDC regulations.  We will be off of Hubbard St. at door number # 7. This will be one way traffic only on Hubbard facing Greenfield.  

Please read the directions below:

  1. Parents must accompany students; you must have a parent with you.
  2. Parents/Students will stay in their vehicles at all times.
  3. Make sure your name is visible from the outside of the car by placing a sign with your name on the passenger window.
  4. Asking for your patience as we have a lot of students coming to pick up their certificate of completion. 

** Please take Parent Survey ( Check my iBlog for the link)

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June 8

Summer Learning for Newcomer Center

** It is essential to continue reading and solve Math problems during the summer.

* Summer learning will be evaluated the first week of school in September 2020. It will graded as a formative assignment.

Start & End Date: June 9 – September 11, 2020

Language Arts: Read three Razkids reading books a week ( Level UP) and take the reading comprehension quiz for each of the reading books.

Math/ Weekly Expectation:

– 1 hour IXL Math/ ELA ( a skill of your choice/ your level )

– 1 Hour iReady ( practice one skill from My Learning Path)

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