Daily Blog for June 30, 2020

We are going to have a virtual meeting today at 12:00 pm (Noon). To access this meeting, you must enroll in my I-Learn Course first. To enroll in this course, 1.) Log into I-Learn on the district website; 2.) Enter the enrollment code for my class: ut8njy; 3.) The Course name is Geo Summer 20; 4.) Once you have enrolled in the course, select the BBB icon near the top under the announcements. It should say, “Join Session” name of session: Geo Summer 20; 5.) Once I have entered the session, you should be allowed to enter. I will try to enter a few minutes early.; 6.) Please enter the session with your camera and your mic on. If I am talking or presenting, then please mute your mic . The purpose of this session is to touch base with each of you about what we have done so far in class, and discuss what we will be doing moving forward. Since most of you are missing a large share of the assignments, we will discuss exactly what each of you is missing and develop a plan to get everything made up as soon as possible. I will give you 5 points simply by enrolling in I-Learn and joining this session. If you are unable to join the session at this time, then please email me, and we can set up a different time for you to virtually meet with me. Please be ready to share with me your concerns and questions about anything related to my class. I want to help you learn and be successful grade wise. I look forward to seeing you at Noon today!

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