Daily Blog for July 13, 2020

Geometry Students,

I just posted one new paper assignment (RL12) and one new Quizizz Assignment (RL13) for Week # 5.  I have also posted new guided notes and videos for these guided notes and assignments for this week.  Please watch the videos and complete all assigned work for this week!

I have also updated all grades up through Week # 4.  Unfortunately, many of you are still failing Summer School Geometry because you have not been turning in the required work.  It is critical that you all turn in all missing assignments this week!  Next week will be our last week of class!  We must get our work completed because I will need to submit final grades by the end of next week.  I am also required to contact students and parents with missing work and failing grades.  I will be making another round of calls home this week.  I will also send individual emails to each of you explaining exactly what you are missing.

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm (Noon), I would like to hold another virtual meeting for everyone.  I have decided to award extra credit points for these meetings.  Therefore, those of you who attended either of the first two virtual meetings will see the extra credit points added to the GC (Google Classroom enrollment) points in the grade book.  You can earn 5 more extra credit points for attending the meeting tomorrow.  now is the time to get all work caught up!  There are not too many days left in the Summer term!  I truly want each of you to succeed!  Please email me to let me know how I can better help you with anything!

Daily Blog for July 10, 2020

Happy Friday! As we head into another weekend, I really want to encourage you all to complete all of missing assignments! A reminder that the assignments for this week (Week # 4) are due by Monday. The link will expire on the current Quizizz assignment. However, you may choose to do the paper version for weeks 3-4 instead. Please contact by email with any questions or concerns that you have. I would also like to set up individual virtual meetings with each of you.

Daily Blog for July 8, 2020

I still need to hear from many of you regarding setting up a virtual meeting for me to touch base directly with each of you about your progress. Please contact me with a good time to set up a meeting with you. We really need to get these missing assignments made up as soon as possible!

Daily Blog for July 7, 2020

Geometry Students,

I will be holding another virtual meeting today at 12:00 pm.  You can access this virtual meeting through iLearn and BBB.  If you have not already enrolled in my iLearn course, then you need to do that first.  The class code that you will need to enter is:  ut8njy

The purpose of this meeting for me to touch base with you to see how you are all doing.  I will share with you the assignments you are missing and I can answer any questions that you have about anything related to my class.  When you join the meeting, please enter the meeting with your microphone so that you can talk to me as needed.  I will give you all 5 points for attending this meeting.  If you do not attend this meeting, then please email me to arrange a different time that will work better for you.  I look forward to seeing everyone very soon!

Dan Reddeman

Daily Blog for July, 6, 2020

Geometry Students,

We are quickly moving through this Summer Session.  We only have three weeks to go before Summer School ends!  Unfortunately many of you have a failing grade right now due to the fact that you have not been turning in your assignments.  There are many missing assignments from the first three weeks.  You need to go back and make up any assignment that you have received a 0 for!  At this point, the maximum score that you can receive on any assignment from weeks 1 or 2 will be 7/10.  Replacing a 0 with a 7 will still be a major improvement for your grade.  I also made sure that I provided some alternative Quizizz assignments in case you have been unable to complete the Quizizz assignments from the first three weeks.  There is a paper version for weeks 1 and 2 which any of you can and should do if you have been having issues submitting any Quizizz assignments or if you have not been able to receive a valid score on any of these assignments.

Tomorrow, July 7, 2020, I would like to have another virtual meeting at 12 Noon.  Logging into this meeting will be worth 5 points.  Once again I will be using this meeting to touch base with each of you about your grades and missing assignments.  It will also give me a chance to help you with anything you are struggling with on any assignment.  As an added bonus, I will also give you 5 points for the first meeting from last week if you log into this meeting.  For those that did log in last week, I will award you with 5 extra credit points.  Basically it means that everyone who logs in tomorrow will get 5 bonus points plus the 5 original points just for logging in and communicating with me.  If you have not enrolled in iLearn yet, then my class code is:  ut8njy    Please enroll in iLearn today, so that we can hold a virtual meeting at any time.  If you are unable to attend a virtual meeting at this scheduled time, then email me to set up a different time when I can connect with you individually.

If you log into Google Classroom, you will notice that I have posted many new notes, videos, and assignments for this week (Week # 4).  After this week, there ware now 11 assignments for each class.  One of the new assignments for the week is another Quizizz assignment.  Please start watching the videos and begin working on these assignments so you can ask me for help if needed.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that we get caught up on all missing work!  I am required to keep the Summer School Administration informed of the progress for each of you.  Obviously, the administrators are very concerned about the lack of progress for most of you.  We have been asked to keep calling home for students who are struggling.  Therefore, I will be making some more phone calls later in the week for students who are not made any progress at completing their work.  I really am hoping that we can all get on track very soon!  Please email me with any questions or concerns that you have!  I am here to help you!  Have a great day!

Daily Blog for July 5, 2020

Geometry Students,

There have been quite a few of you who have been having trouble accessing the Quizizz assignments that have been assigned so far.  So, to solve this problem, I printed off and scanned a paper version of this Quizizz assignment.  You can now do the paper version of this assignment and send it to me.  The best way to do this is to print off the paper version of this assignment which is located in the Alternate Versions of Quizizz Assignments Section.  Make sure that your answers are clear because I will be grading this assignment.  Take a digital picture of the completed assignment and submit it through Google Classroom or send it to me as an email attachment.  I will count this assignment for both of the Quizizz assignments from the first two weeks (RL3 and RL7 for Semester 1;  RL3 and RL6 for Semester 2).  You can retake this Quizizz if necessary to improve your score.  I will also likely be making alternate paper versions of the Quizizz assignments for Weeks 3 and 4 later this week.  

You will also see that I have added all of the material and assignments for Week # 4 already.  Please start watching the videos and completing the assignments for this week. 

I hope that you all have a great remainder of your 4th of July weekend!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with anything!

Daily Blog for July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July to everyone! I hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!

Even though it is a holiday, I will be sending you all an update of all assignments that you are missing through the first three weeks of Summer School. All missing assignments from the first week of class will be scored as 7/10 due to being so late. If you turn in assignments from Weeks 2 or 3 before Monday, then I will give you full credit for those assignments (10/10). After Monday, assignments turned in late from Week 2 will also be scored as a 7/10. It is very important to get your work made up as soon as possible.

Once again, I hope that you are having a great weekend! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Daily Blog for July 3, 2020

I hope that you are all having a good week!

Some of you have been doing a very good job of getting your work made up and raising your grade! Please keep up the good work if you are one of those students! However, some of you still have many assignments that still need to be made up very soon. What troubles me greatly is that most of you have not contacting me about this. Once again, I would like to connect virtually with each of you at least once a week to make sure that you understand what you need to be doing. This week, only four students logged in to my virtual meeting. If you were not one of those students then please email me about setting up an individual virtual meeting for you. This is a pretty easy process and should only take about 5 to 10 minutes of your time. You should also go into Student Connect to see exactly which assignments you have zeros for, and then go into Google Classroom to start to finish these assignments. It is not hard to earn enough points to pass this class. You just have to decide that you want to do it. I look forward to hearing from most of you by email or start receiving assignments from you very soon!

Daily Blog for July 2, 2020

We are almost halfway through the Summer term already! There are some of you who have done a very good job so far participating in the learning activities that have been assigned. However, many of you are still way behind in completing the assignments each week. Please log into Student Connect to see which assignments and activities you have a 0 for. Unfortunately, most of you have an “E” right now due to the missing work (0’s). Some of the easiest points to earn are from attending the virtual meetings. Only four of you attended the first virtual meeting on Tuesday and received 5 points. For those of you who did not log into this meeting, I will still give you an opportunity to earn these points. All you need to do is email me to try to arrange a time when we can connect for about five minutes or so virtually through iLearn and BBB. Once a gain, I am really just using these virtual meetings as “office hours”. This will give you a chance to share your feedback with me. I am always looking for the best ways to serve you as your teacher. It is also very critical to make up all of your missing assignments which have a score of 0. Remember that each assignment is worth 10 points, so the 0’s will add up very quickly! It is not hard to make these assignments up because I have made screencastify videos for each of the assignments which are not Quizizz assignments. All assignments in Google Classroom begin with the code RL for Remote Learning assignment. Let’s try to take care of completing all missing work by the end of this weekend! It will be very helpful to you to be caught up moving forward. You will see that you can have most everything made up in just a couple of hours max, and that is assuming you are watching the videos too. I also want to remind you that the district encourages the teachers to call home each week when assignments are not being completed. I look forward to receiving emails from you regarding your plans for making up your missing work and a plan for joining an individual virtual meeting with me at some point very soon.

Have a great 4th of July weekend! It will be very hot!

Daily Blog for July 1, 2020

Yesterday, I held my first scheduled Virtual Meeting for the Summer Term. Unfortunately, only 4 students out of 10 logged in for this meeting. Honestly, these meetings are really like office hours. It is a chance for me to connect with you to make sure that we all understand what is expected, and so that I can answer any questions that you may have. For the four students who did show up, I think the time was useful to answer the questions they had. I awarded five points to those students who attended my meeting yesterday, and for those students who did not log in, you have a 0 for that Virtual Meeting Assignment (VM1) in the grade book. Now, I will gladly give all students who did not log into this meeting another opportunity to do so. If you email me, and let me know a time that will work for you, then I can very quickly set up an individual virtual meeting to connect with you too, and I will give you the points for it. This may only take five minutes or so for us to connect. I just want to make sure that we all know the expectations for the assignments, and I want to make sure that I am helping you in any way I can. Please contact me by email today if possible. I do have some places that I need to go later today, but I will get back with you as soon as I can.