The Stimulus Package

CNN has an excellent description of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package at

As we are discussing macroeconomics, this is very interesting. The government is trying to keep demand from dropping. As more people are out of work, their income drops, which you remember, means a drop in demand. The government is proposing several different ways to keep money in people’s pockets, which should keep demand from falling too much. When we start talking about government spending next week, we will talk about demand-side economics. This is just a good discussion to have. Please hit me with any questions.

Otherwise today, there are three assignments you could be working on. The Market Failures Slideshow is due this evening at 11:59pm ( The Monopoly Questions are open for a retake ( The Chapter 7 objectives are due on Sunday ( You have the luxury of managing your own time. Do it well.

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