September 27

Social Studies

Open Book Project

Mr. Simm’s 5 Themes of Geography

Brochure Project:


What belongs on each fold of the Brochure?

Unit 2:

Unit 2 Study Guide

Specific Physical Feature of the U.S.A.

Interactive Landforms (only use this map if you are done identifying the major landforms)

Desert Discovery

Population Map of U.S.A.

Unit 3:

Listen to the readings to answer this in social studies notebook:

The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco

Grandfather’s Journey By Allen Say

  • Source: Title of both books
  • Influence: From what point of view are you getting the information from?
  • What push factors were evident in the two books?
  • What pull factors were evident?
  • How were the two immigrant stories alike?
  • How were they different?
  • Conclusion: What can be determined about immigration from the two stories?

Unit 3 Study Guide

Unit 5 Government

Go to Open Book Project Page 111

BrainPop Branches of Government

Through Cleveler –> go to Discovery Education and look up “Understanding the Constitution” for each branch

Unit 6 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Ben’s Guide to the Bill of Rights (Lower)

Ben’s Guide to the Bill of Rights (Upper)

Bill of Rights Game

Government Crashed Help find the Bill of Rights