January 23

About Me

I have graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelors in Elementary Education. I was born in Chicago, IL and raised in good ole’ Southwest Detroit, MI!!! I have taken the proper classes and have had many hands on training opportunities in classrooms as well as with students to better train and prepare me for a life in the field of teaching our ever growing generations to come. I take pride in my studies and wish to have to the opportunity to help all those who cross my path to find the good in learning, the opportunities that come from a higher education, and the benefits of becoming a functioning member of society.

I am now a very proud parent of a 4 year old boy. He is, I must say a handful, but a wonderful miracle at the same time. Being a mother is an experience that has taught me more about myself as an individual, as a student, as a daughter, and as an educator. My patience level has increased to a level I never knew I could reach.

I am a family oriented individual who will do everything and anything for those individuals that are important to me. Interacting with student in service learning, pre-student teaching, as well as student teaching has opened up my understanding to how large my family will continue to grow year after year. I love making connections with students and I love seeing them learn new and relevant information. As an instructor, all students who cross my path will forever hold a special place in my heart.