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6/10 – Book turn in/Last Assignments/Final grades

Good Morning!

Couple of reminders!

  1. All grades will be final this afternoon for marking period four.

2. OPTIONAL assignments due today! 1) Goodbye letters where you can write to a future 7th grader and what they can expect in my class next year! 2) History Meme – Add an ancient world history meme to the slideshow.
*Both assignments are located on Google Classroom.

3. Textbooks – all textbooks must be turned in tomorrow by 3pm. If you dropped them off Monday afternoon and yesterday, I will check them in today. Check student connect to look at the assignment, textbook survey and it will say, “textbook received”. If you do not turn in your textbook, you will have to pay $75 dollars to replace it.

Have a good day!
Ms. Rancilio

6/11 – Last day of school!

Good Morning & Happy Last Day of School!

We made it through your 7th grade year after a crazy start to 2020! As I wrap things up for the year, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for an awesome year. I know this year was very difficult in terms of COVID-19, but we made it. Thank you for reading each and every single one of my emails, blog posts and Google Classrooms posts this year as I knew they were annoying because I was annoyed with myself and just wanted to be back in the classroom. In the last nine years that I have taught, this 7th grade class was one of a kind, you are all extremely smart, kind, empathetic, sympathetic, and caring. Both parents and students were all SO sweet and caring when my mom had her stroke, and I know the city of Dearborn is very family orientated, but the way you all cared, really showed me the definition of family. Please keep these qualities about yourself in the upcoming years, it will pay off.

I am sorry that we will not get to say goodbye to each other in person, but I hope the best for each and every one of you. I will miss you all next year, but I hope to see you in the fall as an 8th grader when you stop by and say hello! It has has been an honor teaching you and having you in class. Have a great summer! Make sure you complete your summer reading and summer math work!

PS – Please drop off your textbooks if you have not already. I have approximately 6 books left to be turned in. It will cost you $75.00 if I do not receive it, and you will not get your fall schedule until it is paid. Please bring it up the front door today and tomorrow between the hours of 10-3pm and ring the doorbell and one of the secretaries will take the textbook from you.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Wear Sunscreen, and Enjoy yourself this summer!

Ms. Rancilio

We made it!

Good Morning! Happy last week of school, we made it! 2020 has been a trip, but we are here and we are almost done.

Assignments for this week are optional on Google Classroom, which include the following:

  1. Historical History Memes – Add an ancient appropriate historical meme to the slideshow that I posted. Don’t let me down with your memes!
  2. Goodbye Letters – Write to the class that will be in 7th grade next year and tell them what to expect in my class. Have some fun with it. I read them to you at the beginning of the year.

Other Housekeeping issues:

  1. The only assignment that is not optional is to turn in your textbook for my class. I have emailed parents and students of those who have NOT turned them in yet. I have marked in student/parent connect “received textbook” under the Textbook survey. Please bring them by Stout from 10am-3pm next week to the front door. I will be there on Monday and Wednesday due to the Executive Orders issued by the Governor. If I do not receive the textbook, you will be responsible for replacing it at a cost of $75 dollars.
  2. All grades will be final between today and tomorrow. Please check student connect for your grades and let me know if anything is missing.

Have a good week! 🙂

Ms. Rancilio

6/5 – All Missing Work Due Sunday! Textbooks due!

Good Morning! & TGIF and happy last Friday of the school year! We almost made it!

A couple of reminders for you all:

1) Any missing work is due by this Sunday. This includes the last 2 weeks of assignments which include 1) Rome: Building an Empire Movie and Quiz on Google Classroom, which was due yesterday. 2) Roman Empire Reading and Questions on Google Classroom and 3) IXL U.1 Beginnings of Rome with a 50% Smart Score! If you are unsure if you are missing any of these please check student connect and it will say “Missing Assignment”. Phone calls home will be made later today for those of you who have not completed the work. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNTY0MTU1MDVa

2) Grades will be finalized on Monday after 3pm for the 4th Card Marking. Please check out your grade on Student Connect because that will MOST likely be your grade for Card Marking 4. If you notice something is missing or does not look right, please email me so I can fix it!

3) Textbook returns, Please continue to return your textbooks to Stout from 10am-3pm, while you pick up your materials. On Wednesday 6/3 I had approximately 77/131 textbooks. You need to return them, or you will be issued a $75 dollar fine. I collected every book that I found in lockers and checked them in. Please check student connect under “Textbook survey” and it will say “received textbook”, if not I do not have your textbook yet but I am going in today to check them in and a couple days next week. I dont mind if they are damaged, you will not be charged if they are.

Have a good weekend! Get your work done and get your books turned in!

Ms. Rancilio

6/4 – Rome: Building an Empire Video Due Today!

Good Morning!!

Today is the day the LAST assignment is due for Social Studies for the 2019-2020 school year. Your Rome: Building an Empire Video and Questions that are taken through a Google Form on Google classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNTY0MTU1MDVa/a/OTQ3MzE2MDA0ODJa/submissions/by-status/and-sort-last-name/all are due tonight at 11:59pm. Approximately 100/131 kids have completed the assignment so far. I will be emailing parents and students who have not completed that today by 10am.

Please note that you must drop off your textbook between today and tomorrow at Stout from 10am-3pm, or you will be facing a $75 dollar fine. I have collected approximately 77/131 textbooks so far. Check student connect where the assignment says, “Textbook Survey” and I will have marked in “received textbook” if I have received it.

Have a good day & get your work done!
Ms. Rancilio

6/3 – Rome: Building an Empire Video due tomorrow!

Good Morning!

As a reminder, when you pick up your materials from school this week, please drop off your textbook to a staff member at Stout so they can be checked in. If I do not receive your textbook, you will be charged 75 dollars. As I get more books in, I will be updating on student connect under the score “Textbook Survey” – it will say, “Textbook received”. Please note that I cannot go in every single day to check them in because of the governors executive orders with a limit of who is allowed inside of our school. I will get to them.

Additional Reminders include:

  1. Rome: Building and Empire Video and Quiz are due tomorrow by Midnight. I will be sending out emails today by 11am if you did not complete it yet. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNTY0MTU1MDVa/a/MTA2NTgzNjc4OTIz/details
  2. Missing work for the following assignments are allowed to be completed through Friday 1) IXL U.1 Beginnings of Rome with a 50% Smart Score and 2) Rome – Building an Empire Reading and Questions on Google Classroom.

I will also be hosting a Big Blue Button Meeting today from 11am-12.

Have a good day and get those textbooks and homework turned in!

Ms. Rancilio

Social Studies Homework Week of 6/1-6/5

Good Morning!

This will be the last week that I will be giving graded assignments. As a reminder, when you come to school this week to pick up materials, you will  need to drop off your Social Studies textbook. All staff has been made aware that you can drop off your textbook and they will get it to  me in order for you to avoid a 75 dollar fine (I already collected around 45 textbooks last week when we cleaned out lockers. Even if you have not had your textbook collected or dropped off, please drop it off at Stout at some point. I will update Student Connect this week underneath the assignment “Textbook Survey” and it will say received textbook.

This weeks assignments will include:
1) Rome: Building an Empire Video and Quiz – Due on Thursday. You may take this as many times as you would like in order to get the 4/4 score. See the assignment for details, and please email me if you would like to know your score. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNTY0MTU1MDVa
2) Historical Meme Assignment – This will be posted later this week.

I will be hosting two Big Blue Button Meetings this week on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-12noon. Please join me if you have any questions regarding any of the work.

Have a good week! We made it to June in this crazy year, but it is almost over!
Ms. Rancilio

5/29 IXL U.1 Beginnings of Rome and ALL missing work from 3/30 until 5/22 are due tonight!

Good Morning and TGIF!

As a reminder the following assignments are due today at 11:59pm:

1) IXL U.1 Beginnings of Rome (with a 50% smart score)

2) Roman Empire Reading and Questions were due yesterday, but please complete this ASAP. (It is located on Google Classroom). Check Student connect to see that you completed it.

3) Any missing work from 3/30 until 5/22 that has NOT been completed is due tonight At 11:59pm. This includes your Chapter 32 test – please do this. I will not accept any late work past tonight at 11:59. To make sure you are not missing anything, check parent/student connect and it will say “Missing Assignment”. After this date, I will no longer accept work given in that time period because they were assigned as far back as two and a half months back, and you will be given a 0.

Side Note: When picking up materials from school next week, you must return your social studies book, which can be given to any teacher at pickup. All teachers are aware that you are to turn the book in, so don’t make the excuse that you couldn’t turn it in because I wasn’t there. You will be charged $75.00 if I do not receive it. If you have all your materials at home already, ask a friend to drop it off or drop it off yourself.

Make smart choices and get the work in. We have 9.5 school days left. We can do this!
Ms. Rancilio

Social Studies – Homework week of 5/26-5/29

Good Morning! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Happy Memorial Day & Eid Muburak to those celebrating! Good news is we are almost done with school for the 2019-2020 school year,  NOT great news, we have less than 3 weeks left! We can do it!

I will be hosting TWO big blue button meetings this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-12noon on both of those days. I will be discussing this weeks assignments! Please join me so you can finish out the year strong.

Homework for the week includes:
1) Roman Empire Reading and Questions on Google Classroom – This is due on Thursday, May 28th by 11:59pm. https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTMzNTY0MTU1MDVa
2) IXL U.1 – The Beginnings of Rome with a 50% Smart Score. Please make sure you read in order to get through this assignment – This is due on Friday,  May 29th by 11:59pm.
3) Any missing work, please check student connect to see if something is missing, it will say “Missing Assignments” – Friday, May 29th. Please turn in all work!

Have a great week! 🙂
Ms. Rancilio

5/21 – Chapter 32 Test Due TONIGHT!!

Good Morning and TGIT!

As a HUGE reminder, your Chapter 32 Test on Google Classroom is due tonight by 11:59. Approximately 107/120 students have completed the test so far. Please check parent/student connect for the grade considering I have been entering them almost every hour during the work day!

An additional reminder is to make sure any missing work is completed and turned in. Again, if you want to know what you are missing, please check student/parent connect and turn those in ASAP! They are all due by Friday, May 29th.

Enjoy the four day weekend! Happy Memorial Day and Ramadan Kareem!

Ms. Rancilio