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Good Morning Howe Family!

Each of us have found different ways to help us through this unique experience.

How are you making the most of these moments in history? Show us by posting a photo or artwork with a description, special memories, or a news link that has value to you and your family during this time of “stay at home.”

Click the link below. Once you are on the site, press the add button in the bottom right hand corner to share your memory. Make sure to write your name or family name in your post.

We cannot wait to see how everyone is living through history!

Stay safe and healthy!

Thursday Update

Good Afternoon Howe Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, spring day. Earlier today, we learned that we will not be returning to our school buildings for the rest of the academic year. I am devastated by this decision, but know that it was made for the safety and protection of our children, families, and community.

What we can focus on moving forward:

  • Doing our best.
  • Controlling what we can, not what we can’t.
  • Being persistent.
  • Giving grace.
  • Being there for those that we love.

The comeback is always greater and stronger than the setback.

Stay healthy and safe,
Ms. Puchala

Beautiful Day!

Good Morning!

It is going to be a beautiful day! Today would be a wonderful day to get outside for a long walk, a run, or a bike ride with the family. Staying active outdoors is great for your mental and physical health. It will help increase your energy, keep you happy, and focused.

Your children still might be struggling to understand what is happening in the world. PBS has an article, How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus, that can offer guidance and support.

Please, stay healthy and take advantage of the beautiful weather that we will be having today!

Ms. Puchala

Community support

Good Evening!

I hope everyone is well and staying healthy!

With our world being very chaotic right now, I wanted to provide a source with many beneficial supports. an organization that provides a supportive community with helpful resources that can be hard to find. They are dedicated to supplying information that can be utilized to create change and better a community that embraces the opportunities to flourish.

Understood has posted about the Coronavirus and its effect on family life, the articles are below:

For more meaningful resources about education, family, community, and social-emotional health, please visit