Week Ahead 1/7/19-1/11/19

We have finally made it.  It is time for a well deserved break.  I hope everyone has time for family, fun, and a little bit of rest.

For all classes, remember you are to complete 2 hours (120 minutes) over the holiday break.  You have between Saturday, Dec. 22 and Sunday, Jan. 6 to complete these minutes.  Please set aside some time over the break to do so.

Here is what the our first week back from break looks like:

7th Grade

Monday: Unit 1 Test Review/Corrections

Tuesday: Unit 1 Test Retake

Wednesday: Math Article

Thursday: Lesson 9 Day #1

Friday: Lesson 9 Day #2

8th Grade

Monday: Doodle Notes

Tuesday: Slope Intercept Practice

Wednesday: Slope Intercept Kahoot

Thursday: Slope Intercept Study Guide

Friday: Slope Intercept Quiz


Algebra 1:

Monday: Solving Systems Review

Tuesday: Solve by Graphing Notes

Wednesday: NWEA

Thursday: NWEA

Friday: NWEA

Have a great weekend!

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