Week Ahead 12/17-12/21

Here is our weekly agenda for the upcoming week.  For all classes, remember you are competing with all other hours for Khan Academy minutes.  Each student that does their full hour (60 minutes) help earn their class a special reward the following Friday.  So it not only helps further your learning but can win you sweet treats too.

This is our last week of school before we get over two weeks off.  Make sure you are checking with me to turn in any missing work so that you too can have a happy break.

Here is what the next week looks like:

7th Grade

Monday: Unit 1 Study Guide

Tuesday: Unit 1 Study Guide

Wednesday: Unit 1 Test

Thursday: Unit 1 Test Make-Ups

Friday: Break Activity


8th Grade

Monday: Penny Lab

Tuesday: Slope Intercept Guided Notes

Wednesday: Slope Intercept Fold-able

Thursday: Slope Intercept Practice

Friday: Slope Intercept Quiz


Algebra 1:

Monday: Solving Systems by Substitution Activity

Tuesday: Elimination Notes

Wednesday: Elimination Practice

Thursday: Systems of Equations Lab

Friday: Systems of Equations Lab

Have a great weekend!

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