Week Ahead 2/25-3/1

After all the crazy days of January and February have passed us by, it is time to continue the weekly agenda posts.

For all classes, remember you are to complete 1 hour (60 minutes) each week.  You have from Monday to  Sunday at midnight to complete these minutes.  Please set aside some time each week to do so.

Here is what the our week looks like:

7th Grade

Monday: Finish Group Quiz

Tuesday: Proportions Fold-able

Wednesday: Lesson 11 Day 1

Thursday: Lesson 11 Day 2

Friday: Plickers Review

8th Grade

Monday: Lesson 13 Day 1

Tuesday: Lesson 13 Day 2

Wednesday: Lesson 13 Day 3

Thursday: Stations Day 1

Friday: Stations Day 2


Algebra 1:

Monday: Exponential Decay Notes

Tuesday: Exponential Decay Practice

Wednesday: Exponential Growth and Decay Quiz

Thursday: Quiz Make-Ups

Friday: Begin Exponential Function Project

Have a great weekend!

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