Curbside pick-up of students belongings today- 12 noon-2p.m.

June 4 and 5 Final lessons for 1st grade!

I will be available Monday June 8 from

2:30- 3:30 on BBB to say good-bye to a

wonderful class.

Spelling: Thursday and Friday


gown  down  clown  pout  shout  sprout  house  mouse  does  another
Write your spelling words in ABC order.


 gown  down  clown  pout  shout  sprout  house  mouse  does  another  
Have a parent give you the spelling test on a separate sheet of paper.  How did you do?

Reading: Thurday

Read at least one informational book on kids a-z and answer the questions. 

Look for informational text features in the book you read. (bold print, picture captions, diagrams, headings.)

Reading: Friday

Read at least one narrative (fiction) book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.


Thursday -Click on the link to watch the math lesson Module 5, Lesson 6


Friday-  Click on the link below to watch the math lesson: 

Module 5, Lesson 7

You will need paper, a pencil, and examples of 3D shapes.  If you do not have all the materials, just follow along with the video as best as you can.  Print the problem set afterwards or complete on a separate piece of paper.


Writing: Thursday

Describe the perfect day of school. In your description, include details about how the day would be, from beginning to end.

Writing: Friday
Describe the ideal summer day. Include details about the weather, the activities, and the people involved.  You should have at least 3 details describing your day.  More is even better!

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