Lessons for May 13, 2020

Our BBB class will start today at 3:30

********To join Mr. Loconsole’s class:******

Check for your invite in your dearbornschools.org email.


go to classroom.google.com

Sign in with the login for dearbornschools.org

school id and birthday

click join

class code  ywft56o

car  star   far   chart   smart   part   yard   hard   four   boy   
Practice your spelling words in a fun way.  Use playdough, sidewalk chalk or legos.  Use whatever you have at home.  Be creative and have fun!


Read at least one book on Kids a-z (narrative) and answer the questions.

Watch the following video and then create a graphic organizer web to describe the setting of a story that you have read.



Click on the link below to watch the math lesson: Module 4, Lesson 11 Part 1

Before starting the lesson you will need:

40 small objects

4 dimes and 10 pennies

Paper pencil 

White board and marker (optional)

Below the video there is a link to download the problem set for lesson 11.  You don’t have to print.  Just write the answers on paper.


Look at your writing from yesterday.  Make sure all of your sentences start with capital letters and end with a punctuation mark.  Add at least 4 adjectives to help describe your writing better.  Instead of just saying eggs, you could say tiny eggs or white eggs.  When you are done adding details and editing, read your writing to someone at your house!

Science for Fun


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