Lessons for Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Read Slow and Slower in kidsa-z.com. I assigned the reading in kidsa-z.com

teacher: neuen1
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Look for informational text features in the book you read. (bold print, picture captions, diagrams, headings.)

On a separate paper, write the title, author and make a checklist using the following features. Put a check next to the features in the book. Some features may have more than one check. Others may not have any checks.

bold print (important words)


picture captions ( words to explain the pictures)

diagrams (drawn pictures with labels, or charts with explanations)

headings ( subtitles that tell you what they will talk about)


Before starting the lesson you will need:

Paper pencil 

White board and marker (optional)

Click on the math lesson:

Module 4, Lesson 9.  Part 1

Lesson 9

Below the video there is a link to download the problem set.  You don’t have to print.  Just write the answers on paper.


Click on the link for the writing lesson. Thank you, Mrs. Shell!




On a separate paper write 3 sentences about why ducklings follow their mother?

This is a story that you must read. When you have read the bold text on the page, click on next and the next sentence will be bold. Click blue arrow to move on.

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