Lessons for April 30, 2020

Hi Everyone!

I am working on a new way to see you again. We had some problems with Google Hangout, so we can’t use that. We have something new that the technology department is working on. I’m practicing and Hopefully, we will see each other next week on Monday at 2:30. I will send you instructions on how it works. I am very excited that I will get to see you soon!!

Spelling Words:
fly cry  try  shy  find  kind  mind  wild  again   your
Rainbow Spelling
Write spelling words and then trace in 3 different colors.


Read at least one informational book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.  On a separate sheet of paper write the main idea and three details to support the main idea.

Write at least 2 questions you would still like to know?


Solve the following word problem with a picture, number sentence, and a statement with your answer:

Peter and Fran each have an equal (same) number of pattern blocks.  There are 12 pattern blocks altogether.  How many pattern blocks does Fran have?


When the playgrounds open, what will you do? Give 3-4 details.  What friends will you call to meet you there?  What will you play first, second, and third?

Social Studies:

Click on the link below to listen to the story, “How I learned Geography.”  After listening to the story, tell 3 reasons why maps are important.


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