Lessons for April 28, 2020

Spelling Words:
fly cry  try  shy  find  kind  mind  wild  again   your
Write your spelling words as a pyramid:
Read at least one book on Kids a-z 
(narrative) and answer the questions
On a separate sheet of paper,
write a new ending to the story.
 Email the new ending to me or send me a photo on remind.
Solve the following word problem
with a picture, number sentence,
and a statement with your answer:

Darnell and Tamra are comparing their plants.
Darnell’s plant has 9 flowers and
Tamra’s plant has 6 flowers. 
How many more flowers does Darnell
have than Tamra?
Writing: Creative Writing- Have Fun!
You win a trip on an African safari! 
What animal are you hoping to see? 
Give 3 details.  Why do you want to see this animal? 
What does it look like?


Click on the link below to read  a story called, “Shadow Play.”  After the book, there is an activity called Trace Your Shadow that can you complete if you have time. You will need sidewalk chalk to do it. Do not move on to Mystery 3!


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