Lessons for 4-23-2020 Class Meeting 2:30

Spelling Words: 
eat   seat   meat   cheat   feed   greet   fleet   seed  where   friend    

Write your spelling words with sidewalk chalk, crayons or markers.  Make it fun.

If you have playdough you could spell your words using playdough.

Read at least one informational book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.  On a separate sheet of paper write the main idea and three details to support the main idea.

Write at least 2 questions you would still like to know?


Solve the following word problem with a picture, number sentence, and a statement with your answer:

Tom plants 5 seeds in his garden.  Ali plants 6 seeds.  Jacob plants 4 seeds.  How many seeds did they plant in all?

Do Math Lesson 4 in Google Classroom.


If you were in charge of planning the school lunch menu, what foods would you serve each day?

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