Spelling Words: 
goat   boat float   oats hold cold   fold your always   found
Write your spelling words with sidewalk chalk, crayons or markers.  Make it fun.
Reading:Read at least one informational book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.  On a separate sheet of paper write the main idea and three details to support the main idea.

Write at least 2 questions you would still like to know?


Solve the following word problem with a picture, number sentence, and a statement with your answer:

Anton made a tower of 5 cubes.  Ben made a tower of 12 cubes. Who has more?  How many more?


Write about your favorite part of the school day. Give at least 2 reasons.

Click on the link and watch the mystery science video.  If you cannot get the link to work, highlight it and put it in a new tab. There is an experiment and questions. The experiment has you print out two pages.  If you do not have a printer, use a toy and a blank piece of paper. Write the answers to the questions on a piece of paper.


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