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iLearn classesPosted on March 15, 2020 by Jonathan Ochoa

Hello everyone!! I hope you are healthy and safe. These are the directions for logging on to the iLearn sites for each grade. If something does not work for you please let me know through email (

  1. go to the Dearborn Schools website
  2. Click on the Student Portal link.
  3. Click on the iLearn Classrooms link
  4. Log in with your id and password
  5. type in your grade level enrollment code

You will only need to enter the code once to register for the course. Here are the codes for each grade level class.

Kindergarten: ra7gq4

1st: dq2ewe

2nd: cfs453

3rd: mafjrk

4th: 7u8ray

5th: unygz5

Keep Learning!

Mr. Ochoa

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