Week 2 Lessons

Monday 3/23
Reading:Read at least one book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.On a separate sheet of paper write your connection.  Give at least 2 details.
Connection=What does the book make you think about.  Something that happened to you or happened in another book.
Spelling:  Pick at least three spelling words and write a sentence for each word.Remember to make first grade sentences.
vine     mine line     life rice price     time all call fall
Math:Complete at least one Zearn lesson.  We are on unit 5.
Writing: On a seperate sheet of paper write about a time you had fun with your family.  Include a clear topic sentence, at least three key events with details and a conclusion.
Sight Words:Practice sight words.  Make flash cards with the sight word list and practice with someone.  How fast can you read the words?

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