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Dear Parents,

Since November 2018, I have been working with the kindergarten classes as the kindergarten reading consultant.  The teachers made a list of students that I service.  The last several weeks, we have been testing and will be resuming our regular schedule soon.  Some students will change reading consultants and others will stay the same.

It is important that your child reads every day.  It is part of our school improvement program.  Each child has a reading log.  Please make sure that the time is recorded and that you sign the sheet.  It shows the students that reading is important.  If you do not have a reading log, please write your child’s name, date, minutes read and sign or initial on a note paper and I will see that they get a new log.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at neuensb@dearborn or



Mrs. Neuenschwander


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  1. Tia Barakat says:

    Hi, I am Tia Barakat’s mom I need to know how I will be able to get her daily homework. Thank you

    • Hi, Thank you for reaching out to me. We are working on for math skills.

      The class code is Class Code is AB9Y9W
      Username is firstlast name
      Password stars9 Teacher Code neuen1
      Click on students name when class appears
      Her password is neuen9

      I also have a Google Classroom
      You go to the students’ site on and login to Clever.
      username 20115886
      password 12132012

      • More has been added to the requirements
        We have a class meeting Monday-Thursday at 2:30. It is required that all attend.
        Go to
        Class code today is mrs422
        Attendance will be taken. We are also using google classroom. Tia has an account. She gets on through clever.
        go to google classroom, if it doesn’t show up click on different account. Class Code is bkqk7js This is where the students get the math homework.

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