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1.“Turning 12” poem Due Monday, 3/2
2. February Journal Square #1 (1st person P.O.V) – Due Today, 2/26.
3. February Journal Square #2 (2nd person P.O.V) – Due Tuesday, 3/3
4.IXL Types of Sentences Practice- F-HH.1, G-GG.1, H-X1 Due Tuesday (3/3).


Eleven Study Guide

Make sure to know and understand the meanings of the following words;

  • Alley
  • Except
  • Invisible
  • Raggedy
  • Empathy
  • Sympathy
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance

Comprehension Questions:

Why does Mrs. Price give the red sweater to Rachel, how did it happen?

Eleven is written in 1st person-  who is telling the story?

What happens after Rachel is forced to put the red sweater on?  Be specific

Who is Phyllis Lopez?  What is her part in the story?

Who is Sylvia Saldivar?  What is her part in the story?

How does Rachel feel about her birthday at the end of the story?

Rachel has interesting ideas about getting older-  what are some of those ideas? What does she compare aging to?  (look for similes that illustrate her ideas).

When people turn a new age on their birthday, what does Rachel believe about all the years someone has been before?

What is the MAIN emotion that Rachel feels when she is forced to put on the red sweater?


Eleven C.E.R- Due Friday- 2/7

Brothers Q.A.R Question+1 C.E.R response due, Monday, 12/16/19 by MIDNIGHT
All Summer in A Day Conflict in Literature due, Tuesday, 12/17
All Summer in a Day TEST and ‘Min’ Word Nerd entry due, Wednesday,

Click here to visit Mrs. Wiedyke’s iBlog! You can continue to use the links on her blog to study for your test tomorrow.


All Summer in a Day- Q.A.R Questions and 8 Flash Cards due, 12/11
All Summer in a Day- Conflict Practice due 12/13 5th HOUR ONLY
Click Here for the full text!

Figurative Language Test- 12/4
The Road Not Taken– Q.A.R Hard Copy Practice due- 12/4
November Journal Square #2 & All Summer in a Day Vocab Exercise due- 12/9

November Journal Square #1, Due- Friday, November 20th
^^Must include 2 examples of simile in writing^^
Flocabulary Figurative Language Practice, Due- Monday, November 25th

On Friday, November 22nd,

Students will be given a specific amount of time to work on the following Flocabulary assignments in class. They have the option to work on these assignments over the weekend as well:

1. Personification
2. Idioms
3. Alliteration and Assonance
4. Hyperbole
5. Onomatopoeia
6. Similes and Metaphors

All assignments must be submitted by the end of the hour on Tuesday, November 25th.

Veterans Day Facts Q.A.R + online comprehension questions Due- 11/15
Drawing a Blank– C.E.R Chart Due- 11/18
Figurative Language Story Board Due- 11/18

Students had plenty of class time to finish all three of the exercises listed above. Anything that was not complete by the end of each class session today rolled over as homework.

The Run– Conflict C.E.R Paragraph due- Wednesday, 11/6
Tele Word Nerd Entry due- Friday, 11/8
October Journal Square #2 due- Friday, 11/8

Conflict Chart due- Tuesday, 10/29
The Run– Conflict C.E.R Chart and Paragraph due- Thursday, 10/31
“Mort-“ Word Nerd entry due-Friday, 11/1

October Journal Square #1 due- Tuesday, 10/22
The Run pt 5- Missing comprehension questions #1-9 due- Wednesday, 10/23 (by midnight)
Editing Marks Quiz- Thursday, 10/24
^^Students should be able to draw and distinguish the different uses of
each mark.
The Run pt 6- Comprehension Questions #1-9 due on Sunday, 10/27 (by midnight)


Unlovable Brainstorm Chart and C.E.R- Friday, 10/18.
The Run, Pt 3 and 4 Comprehension questions due, Sunday, 10/0 (by midnight)
October Journal Square #1 due- Tuesday, 10/22
Editing Marks Quiz- Thursday, 10/24


In class today, pt1 of 7 of the narrative The Run was introduced to the students. The presentation of this narrative will be electronically. Students will have both class time and some time at home to complete their work.

Students will read and listen to part 1 of The Run. Then, they will respond to 9 comprehension questions. Student DO NOT have to write a written response to question #10.

As a class, we all used a chrome book to join our class group and reset our passwords.

To access the text, students must do the following:

1. Go to
2. Sign in with their user name and password (username is their school email, password is their student ID number).
3. If Readworks asks you for a class code, they are the following:
1st– 6YH2NY
5th- VVPQ7G

DUE TUESDAY, 10/15/19
Independent genre C.E.R response and 12 editing marks flash cards due tomorrow!
1. Genre Words- Wordtopia Entries and 17 Flashcards (term+definition)- DUE WEDNESDAY-9/25/19
2. Recipe Final Draft- DUE FRIDAY-9/27/19(EXTENDED DATE)
3. Once Upon a Genre booklet- DUE MONDAY-9/23/19(EXTENDED DATE)

Students will be working on their NWEA Reading and Language Assessments this week. Students will also continue to engage in classroom interactions and practice 6th grade procedures and routines.

Current Due Dates:
Syllabus (signed)- Wednesday, September 4th, 2019
Supply List- Friday, September 6th, 2019

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