Thursday, February 13 and Friday, February 14th, 2020

In class;

1. Complete the What Do We Know assignment

2.Finish and turn in your Natural Hazards Project (LATE)

3. Update your student record keeping. (see whiteboard wall) and turn in on ilearn under “Student record keeping check in 2”

4. Complete your Natural Hazards KWL turn it in on ilearn.

5. Go to my blog- click “Climate Change KWL”- click “save in google drive”- click “move” -click “8th grade science”. Complete ONLY the first two questions . EVERYONE either must use the new version of the climate change KWL on my blog or copy Part 2 onto your version in your google doc. Check in with Ms. Murphy

Weekend Review;

IXL assignments you may complete for extra credit. Email me when you have completed them

  1. Task 1 and 2 under Science practices and tools
  2. Task 1 under Climate Change
  3. Task 1 and 2 under Designing Experiments

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