We love Dr. Seuss!

We had so much fun with Dr. Seuss last week! We read multiple books such as The cat in the hat, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, Hop on pop, The foot book and Green eggs and ham. We created different activities for each. We compared the stories and decided we love One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish the best. We chose this book because we had fun with the Goldfish graph! Take a look:



Special readers this week!

Thanks to the Dearborn High School football team for reading to our Kindergarteners earlier this week! The children loved it! Also thanks to Mrs. Zaghir for coming in to read to the children. Below are pictures:




Week of March 9th

WOW! The temperature is finally feeling like Spring!

READING-Review week for Unit 7.
THEME- How Weather Affects Us We’ll be talking about Hibernation. Who hibernates? Why do they hibernate? What is a den? A lair? A cave?
LETTERS-review L l B b E e
WORDS-review this  what
SPELLING WORDS- this what hen pen men ten

Writing: we decided to make a book report. We will list characters, setting, problem and solution of the story Bear Snores On. We will also write about camping!

MATH-We’ll use calculators to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
We’ll also make charts for a season survey and a graph. Lots of ways to show information. We will create a subtraction number story book. If your child has a collection to share, bring it in on Wednesday. An example of a collection would be a rock collection, stamp collection , bottle cap collection, button collection, yogurt collection etc.

SCIENCE-We will investigate clouds. We will go outside and discuss cirrus, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. we will record our findings in our science journal.
Monday-We had guest readers…the DHS football players! Pictures to come…

March is Reading Month We’ll talk about 3 things we would do while camping. If a teacher stops us during the day and asks us what we might do while camping and we can answer, the teacher will give us an eraser!

Wednesday- LATE START
Spring Picture Day
Library Book Due
Let’s wear a T- shirt or sweatshirt with words on it. Let’s see if we can read some words on other’s shirts!

Thursday-Literacy Night! 5:30-7:00

Have a good week.

Ms. Mohamed


Spelling practice!

Here is a link to help with spelling:

It is also available on the links on the side!

Ms. Mohamed



  • There was a book fair preview today. Your child will be coming home with a list of books they want to purchase. This is completely optional. If your interested, send the money along with the list of books order form in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name on it.
  • Don’t forget to send in your reading posters tomorrow!
  • List of camping materials are due Thursday. This list should fit in your child’s pocket!

Ms. Mohamed


March is reading month!

March is here! Hopefully we have great weather approaching us soon!

Our literacy unit is all about weather. Last week, we focused on the type of weather and how it feels. This week we will discuss the weather with seasons in more detail using describing words (adjectives). This is perfect for this time of year. We are observing different weather changing from the winter season to the spring!

We are also celebrating our famous author Dr. Seuss. We will read story classics like The cat in the hat, The foot book, Green eggs and ham, one fish two fish-red fish blue fish and Hop on pop! We will discuss rhymes and create fun activities to go along with it. Ask your child what they did today!!

Letters of the week: Bb, Ll

Word family:-an (fan, can, man, ran, tan, van,ban, pan)

Spelling words: and, what, pan, man, tan, fan

Writing: Its all about writing sentences! We talked about 4 important things about a sentence.

  1. Does your idea make sense?
  2. Did you start your sentence with a capital letter?
  3. Do you have space between each word?
  4. Did you use an end mark (punctuation) at the end of your sentence?

Math: We will continue counting 1-100, counting by 5’s and 10’s. We will begin counting by 2’s to 30 ( if we can go higher, that would be great!). We will review coin exchange and counting coins together using pennies, dimes and nickels.  We will also create a goldfish graph.

Science: We will continue our waterproofing experiment. We will discuss items that will keep us from getting wet (dry). We will be reviewing seasons.

Social Studies: We look at different parts of the world and compare their weather to ours!

A couple of reminders and notes to keep in mind:

  1. Students came  home with their learning plans. Please look over. If you have any questions, email me!
  2. Students came home with a March is reading month packet. Please review and log your reading minutes. This will take place of our reading log for the month of March. Each week I will collect a reading ticket weekly (there will be four for the month of March).
  3. Turn in your February logs. They were due Friday!  If you did not turn one in yet, turn it in a.s.a.p.!
  4. Change your clocks March 8th- Day light saving time.
  5. If you would like to read to our class during this month, let me know your available time (through an email please!) and I will schedule you a time to come in!
  6. Running club starts today, if you would like to register you child, contact the office.
  7. We are in need of snack, if you can donate some that would be great!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of February 23rd

Welcome back!

We will begin Unit 7-WEATHER.  This week’s theme is Kinds of Weather.   We will read a non-fiction book called A Rainy Day. During the week we will discuss the difference between weather and temperature.

We will also recognize and produce rhymes.

LETTER-  “E  e”

WORDS- This  this   Do  do”

WRITING-We will work on writing a weather report.

I have developed a writing workshop and my students are now in full swing of the writing process. My weekly writing routine is–

Mondays I introduce our writing focus for the week. Tuesdays we work on the focus together and find examples in our reading or how we use the writing in every day life.  Wednesdays the students do their prewrite.  Thursdays I revise and edit with each student.  Fridays we publish and share our writings.  As you can see, they are very busy with reading and writing. My students have been using this routine for several months now and are comfortable with new weekly expectations. (For example, students now know that all sentences begin with a capital letter, have spaces between words, and end with punctuation.  They also know that certain words, like our Reading Words, need to be spelled correctly.  They know where to find them around the room.  Students also know to use good, new, descriptive vocabulary and correct grammar.) It’s so exciting to watch them grow into becoming readers and writers.  I was reading their Journals recently and was noticing with pleasure how far they have come and we’re only half-way through the year!

SPELLING WORDS-We will work with the et word family.

           get   met   pet   set   this   do

I have a”helper word” for each of the short vowels.  Their “helper word ” for the short e is “egg.” 

short a is “apple”     short is “egg”    short i is “igloo”

short is “octopus”   short is “umbrella”

MATH-We will work with the dime.  We’ll also play a coin exchange game. We will review number stories and the hundreds chart.

SCIENCE-We’ll be discovering materials that help with waterproofing.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will dive into maps and interactive maps. We will discuss the compass rose (north, south, east and west)

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school. You can send in an item that can fit in a Ziploc bag  count with friends. This is completely optional.


Ms. Mohamed


Valentines day cards

If you would like to pass out Valentines on the Valentines day party…..

I won’t be sending home a class list of names.  Please just have your child sign THEIR name on the Valentines. Reading 27 other names (times 27 students) usually leads to a lot of “confusion .”