Week of December 15th

Wow! These are the last few days before the break! I am so proud of where the children are thus far!

This definitely a review week!

Please review the sight words: the, can, we, see, will, have, help, it, is in, like, a, go, to, I, because (test when we return from break)

Please review all letters and letter sounds (we are working on inventive spelling and this would help if your child knows all the sounds- most of the kids do).

We are reading many holiday, new year and winter stories! We are creating projects that are content related. You should see items coming home this week!

We are practice counting by 5’s to 100. We will explore and use a calculator. Allow your child to find a calculator on the computer, i-pod, i-pads and even your cell phone! We will be graphing and identify missing numbers from 0-40.

We have been discussing the seasons. We created a diagram to go into our science journal. We focused a lot on season changing from fall to winter. We are discussing hibernation and the types of animals that hibernate. We discussed how the season change is a cycle and it repeats.

We reviewed wants, needs, goods, services and trade. We practiced ways of trading with items as well as money.  We also reviewed concepts such as yesterday, today and tomorrow by recalling things that we did. We also started talking about how we can learn from the past by looking at pictures or asking an older family member.

A couple of reminders:

Wednesday, 17th: book checkout

Thursday, 18th: Class celebration before break. Please send in items in the morning.

Friday, 19th: School Sing Along, Locks of Love event and Family Movie Night.

Last day Friday, December 19th. Return to school January 5th.

Have a great break and holiday!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of December 8th

Literacy Unit: What for Dinner?

Reading: We will be reading: Our Special Sweet Potato Pie. Its about a a town coming together to make a dinner We will also read 2 poems: Crusty corn bread and Crunch! Munch! Thanks a bunch! We will read Grandfather bear is hungry and Little Juan and the cooking pot.  Both stories is about using a recipe to make a meal.

Strategy: Comprehension- retelling, sequencing

Sight word: have, because (we are using “because” a lot in our writing for opinion writing)

Letter of the week: Cc

Writing: We will be writing a recipe together. We will also write about  cold foods we like to eat. We will also write why.

Math: We will revisit addends. We will revisit patterns. We will continue to practice counting. We are now counting and writing 0-40. We will also practice counting by 10’s to 100. We will explore the calculator this week.


Social Studies: We will review needs, wants, goods, services and trade.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

  • Holiday boutique sale
  • Library check out day

Ms. Mohamed


What an eventful week!

We had such a great week! We had a firefighter visit. We have done so much writing. The children are coming along. We started something called math workshops. so here are the details:

Thanks to Firefighter Jason Pelty and his partner coming to Howard and presenting a wonderful Fire Safety presentation for our Kinders! Below are pics:
IMG_2311IMG_2313IMG_2314IMG_2315 IMG_2328


IMG_2325       IMG_2317   IMG_2330


Here are some clips:




Math workshops: It is centers but with different math activities. Below are pics:

IMG_2354IMG_2355IMG_2356IMG_2357 IMG_2358IMG_2360IMG_2362

Great job Kindergarten!

Ms. Mohamed




Welcome back!

Hopefully everyone had a restful break!

The new unit is All about food

We will be reading Annie’s Apple Farm. It is about a girl that is a farmer and she does multiple things with apples. We will be discussing verbs and sequencing the story. We will also read a story called Strawberry Salad. It is about how to make a strawberry salad. We will also read The goat in the chile patch and Pizza Please. Again, all these stories are about food.

Letter of the week: Nn

Sight word: to

Writing: We will be writing sentences with our sight words. We will also  choose our favorite part and write about it. This will guide our opinion writing. We need to write about  our opinions and why.

Math: We will practice writing number 0-30. We will create a favorite color graph. We will explore number lines. We will revisit shapes and discuss how 2 small shapes can make 1 big different shape.

Social Studies: We will review needs and wants. We will discuss and identify goods and services.  We will listen to stories, watch a video and work on a sort. A good is a item you purchase or receive and physically take home with you. A service is a person providing some type of labor.

examples of goods are: books, tv, toys, cake etc.

examples of services: barber, plumber, cashier, teacher etc.

Couple of reminders….

Gleaners food drive is this week

Wednesday- library check out day

Homework was due yesterday . If your child did not turn it in, then please do so as soon as possible. I sent a new reading log home.

Ms. Mohamed


November 25th

Couple of reminders:

Please check your child’s backpack and talk about the work they have completed.
Homework is due Dec. 1st (November reading log)

Mrs. Burch is asking for help with traffic safety, before and after school. She could use parent assistance help from 8:25-8:40 and 3:25-3:40. You may contact her at

No school Wednesday, November 26TH- November 30TH. We return to school Dec. 1st
Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of November 24th

SHORT WEEK! No school Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

This a review week: 

Language Arts:

Review types of stories: fiction (not real) v.s. non-fiction (real)

On the go: non-fiction

Duck on a bike: fiction

Letters: Ii, Tt

New sight word for this week: it (not really new, we actually practiced it last week)

Please review all sight words with your child. We will be having a quick sight word check Tuesday. The words are: we, like, a, the, can, go, see, help, it 

Writing: practice writing in a complete sentence. The idea needs to make sense and be in a good structure. We will continue to discuss opinion writing. We will be writing what we are thankful for.


Review counting 0-20 and count forward from any given number in between. count by 10’s, 2d/3d objects


Review how things move depends on their shape: slide, roll

vocabulary: motion

Social Studies: 

Review needs and wants. we will be doing a sorting activity

Needs: water, food, shelter, clean air

Wants: games, toys, cake, candy etc.

Ms. Mohamed




Week of November 17th

Literacy Unit: Transportation

Reading: We will be reading  On the go and several other transportation stories. We will discuss different ways of travel by air, by land and by sea. We will discuss places to go to.

Vocabulary: vehicle, journey, travel, place

Writing: We will write 2 sentences. To aide in this process we will make a chart organizing our ideas. We will create a bank of ideas of vehicles of transportation. Then we will choose where to go and what vehicle will be used. These 2 sentences will state what we are traveling on and where to travel to. Our sentence stem will look like this: We will go to______. We  will go on a ______.  We will create a generic title as a whole group. We will create a draft. We will revise and edit. We will then create a published piece.

Sight words: help, go.

Review sight words: we, can, the, a, I, like, see

Letter of the week: Ii (review: all letter Aa-Zz; focus on Aa, Pp, Ss, Mm, Tt)

Math: We will put numbers in order. We will practice counting orally 0-30. We will practice writing numbers 0-20. We will review 2D/3D objects such as cylinder, cube, pyramid, sphere. We will also explore probability this week. We will document ideas in our math journals.

Science: We have started our physical science unit. We will be doing investigations that include how thing moves using terms such as slide and roll. We will document findings in our science journal.

Social Studies: We will explore the concepts of needs and wants. We will be able to sort pictures based on human needs and wants. Needs are means of survival such as clothes, food, water, medicines and and a home. Wants are referred to video games, candy, i-pads etc.

Ms. Mohamed


Attention Please Read

Dear Parents,

I have requested in the beginning of the year for a 2 pocket folder. Please make sure your child has one. This folder should come to school everyday. Please look in the folder everyday and empty out the folder. Discuss with your child what they did in school today. Please be on the look out for monthly reading logs. Your child should be reading everyday for 20 minutes. October log was already due. If you have not turned it in yet, please do so.  The November log is due Dec. 1, 2014. If it is missing, you may write the books on a separate sheet of paper.

If you see any items stapled in your child’s folder, please look over and return if necessary. I recently sent out Parent Teacher Conference reminders and I have not received all confirmations yet.

Also, your child should be coming home with 1-3 take home books a week. They should be able to read these books independently. They should keep all these books in the  Ziploc bag provided. This Ziploc bag of books should always remain in their backpacks. This teaches organization as well as responsibility.  By the end of the year, your child will have a stack of their own books to make a home library.

On to other school news…

There was a misprint on the last PTA letter sent out. The PTA meeting is on November 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Ms. Mohamed