Reading Buddies!

We started reading buddies with Ms. Martin’s 3rd grade. The students had a great time!

Below are some pics:

IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0064IMG_0065IMG_0067IMG_0068IMG_0069 IMG_0070IMG_0071IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0074IMG_0075IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0079IMG_0080IMG_0081IMG_0082IMG_0083IMG_0084IMG_0085IMG_0086IMG_0087


-Ms. Mohamed

Shapes are all around us!

We discussed how shapes are all around us. We created a list of real life objects and created a pumpkin with shapes. More to come, but in the mean time, take a look: list of real life shapes

make a pumpkin 1make a pumpkin 2


Week of October 12th

Hope everyone had a restful and beautiful weekend! I took my family to the pumpkin patch and picked a few pumpkins to share with my kindergarten friends. Can’t wait to see their faces!

Review week:

Theme: Families change

Reading: We will be reading stories about how people grow and change. We will compare what it was like being a baby and how it is now in kindergarten. For example: Babies need bottles and kids drink from cups.

We will be reading Peter’s chair, Family Fun, Jennifer Bing why won’t you sing, and Rooster goes to Tio’s wedding.

Letters: Review letters Aa, Mm

Sight words: Review: I, can, we, the

Writing: We will also start something called a weekend write. This is an opportunity for your child to recall their weekend and draw/write (based on their ability) about it. We will also write an opinion piece about the stories we will be reading.

Math: We are reviewing numbers 0-10. We will write and count backwards. We will also explore shapes this week. We will identify objects in real life with the shapes. If you can send in some magazines that would be great.

Science: We continue to explore the 5 senses. We have discussed touch, taste and smell last week. We will focus on hearing and sight this week. We will continue to explore the fall season. Last week, we created a thinking map with different ideas. These ideas were: hibernation, migration, leaves change colors, cooler weather, animals store food for winter and the day gets shorter and the the nights get longer (we have not talked about this one yet). I also brought in pumpkins to encourage oral language development.

Social Studies: We continue to work on Classroom Routines and Working Well With Each Other. Its all about COOPERATION and TEAM WORK!


Friday, October 16th is a half day. Dismissal is at 11:45. Therefore, there will be no lunch that day.

-Ms. Mohamed

Week of October 5th

Fall season is officially here! The leaves are changing and the weather is cooler. It feels great!

We continue our unit in week 2:

Theme: Families get together-

Essential questions: What can families do together?
What are some things that you do with your family?

Reading: We will read stories: The Picnic at the Apple Park (Fiction), Night Animals (Non-fiction), Squeaky old bed (Folktale), and The Rabbit and the Coyote (Non-fiction).

C.A.F.E. Strategies:

  • Comprehension-predictions, setting
  • Accuracy-Rhyming, identify first sound in a word
  • Fluency- recognizing upper/lower case letters, recognizing sight words
  • Expanding Vocabulary- Identifying the front/back cover, know to read/write from left to right.

Letter of the week: Aa

Sight words: The, the (I, can, we)

Writing: We will be forming the letters we have learned correctly. We will also continue practicing to write a sentence using the sight words and drawing pictures.

Math: We’ll be using 10 Frames- a rectangle with 5 boxes on the top row and 5 boxes underneath. For example,  we’ll put tokens in 4 boxes and decide how many more we would need to make 10.  4 + ? = 10.

Science: We’ll be exploring the 5 Senses.  Monday we’ll start with “Touch.”  

Social Studies: We will continue to work on Classroom Routines and Working Well With Each Other.


WEDNESDAY IS LATE START.  Students will come to school 1 hour later (9:35 am).  Dismissal is regular time (3:35).  Teachers will be in a Professional Development Meeting.

Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Mohamed


Welcome Back!

Week of September 28th:

New literacy unit: My Family and Me

Reading: We will be reading stories such as: Whose Baby am I? The bundle of sticks and  The lioness and the Ostrich. We will also learning about poems and practicing rhyme.


Comprehension: Prediction

Fluency: Identifying sight words

Expanding vocabulary: Return sweep when reading/writing a sentence

Letter of the week: Mm- we will be identifying words that begin with this letter. We will practice writing, making lists and singing songs

Sight word: We, we (we will also review I, can)

Writing: We will be writing sentences using the sight word I, can, we. We will practicing the correct formation of letters left to right and top to bottom.

Math: Practice counting 0-20 orally. We will practice writing numbers 0-10. We will count forward and backward. We will also count objects and write the correct number to match. We will explore coins, height, create a graph using our birthdays and favorite apple.

Science: We will explore the season fall/autumn. We will look at different apples and explore using our 5 senses.

Social Studies: We will review procedures, rules and expectations during practice drills in case there is an emergency.

Happy Learning!

-Ms. Mohamed


Read to self

We have started our Daily 5 structure in our classroom! Each child received a book box and it contained several books to read independently. If you would like to send in some books for your child to read at this time, you may do so. It is recommended to have books that your child is interested in. The goal for this time is to help your child be a better reader and to make reading a fun and important  part of their daily lives.

We have discussed 3 ways to read a book:

  1. read the pictures
  2. read the words
  3. retell the story

We have also developed an I-chart that discusses their roles as a reader as well as the teacher.

i-chart for reading to self

Here are a few our students in action:

read to self 1read to self 2read to self 3read to self 4read to self 5read to self 6read to self 7read to self 8

Happy reading 🙂

-Ms. Mohamed

Week of September 14th

We are starting our first day of full-day Kindergarten!!

This week in Kindergarten, we are in our second week of our literacy unit: Start Smart.


Reading: We will read stories called Hands Can, I can measure my self, My family, The Gingerbread Boy and Kindergarten Kids. We will discuss what we could do with our hands and other body parts. For example: I can clap with my hands, I can run/jump with my feet. etc

Sight words: Can, can- Also we will review the word I

Writing: We will write/draw using our new words I, can

Math: We will go over the calendar procedure, practice counting and one to one correspondence with numbers 1-9. We will write numbers and draw pictures to match the number. We will also create a birthday graph and sort objects based on their attributes.

Science: We will discuss what it means to be a scientist. We will discuss germs and ways to keep them away. We will practice bathroom procedures including hand washing, flushing etc.

Social Studies: We have created a set of “I can do it” rules to establish expectations in the classroom.  We will review these rules to continue the structure.


  • Tuesday, September 15th- Howard PTA picnic 4:30-7:00
  • Thursday, September 17th- Open House 5:00-6:30
  • Monday, September 21st- Picture Day
  • No school-Eid Holiday- Wednesday-Friday, September 23-25
  • Return to school Monday, September  28th

-Ms. Mohamed

What a great first week of school!

The kindergarten children in room 2 were awesome this week! We read multiple kindergarten stories. We established “I can do it” rules. We even learned our first sight word (not letter) I. We practiced walking in line and we were able to go to our 1st special-Gym. A note came home  from our Gym teacher Mr. Haliburda. I also sent the emergency cards home. Please review and fill out any missing parts. It is both sided. Please return as soon as possible.

We will be starting a full day of kindergarten on Monday. That means lunch will be served. A lunch menu has been sent home earlier this week. PLEASE discuss with your child whether they will be eating 1st choice, 2nd choice or home lunch. I will practice this procedure in the classroom.

Also, we will be having our first Open House on Thursday, September 17, 2015 from 5:00-6:30.

Below are some pictures from our first week!



-Ms. Mohamed


Welcome to Kindergarten Room #2

My name is Kadeeja Mohamed and I will be your child’s Kindergarten teacher this year. First and foremost, I would like to welcome you and your child to our class. I am so excited to meet you and your child!

Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Bilingual-Bicultural Education with a Specialization in English as a Second Language in 2015. I also have a Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2009 with an Early Childhood Endorsement from Wayne State University as well.  This is my seventh year teaching kindergarten.

Next, let me give you a brief summary of how your child will spend his or her day in the classroom. I have worked very hard to create a classroom that is very organized and structured. Your child’s daily routine will be filled with hands-on activities, small group work, whole class work and discussion, one-on-one instruction, and subject concentrated centers. Through these aspects, your child will learn through discovery and exploration, but most of all they will learn by having FUN. It is also my plan to teach your child to grow into a well-rounded individual that loves to learn.  I whole heartily believe my patience, kindness, and love for learning will aide greatly in developing your child’s love for learning.

As all of you know, your child is still growing mentally and physically. To aide in this growth, your child will have one snack time. I will be providing snack for the first week, but please donate a healthy snack for the class. Snacks preferred would be cheese crackers, animal crackers, gold fish etc. You could pick up a box from your next trip to the grocery store or Sams club.

I will be here every day for your child, which means I will also be here for you as a parent.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns, I will be here for you.  My email address is . The best form of communication is email, but I am also available by phone. I do ask, out of respect for your child’s education, that communication take place before or after school hours. Of course, if it is an emergency, you can contact the front office and they will connect you to the classroom.

This blog is used as a communication tool. So please refer to this blog weekly. I will discuss content and expectations for each week on Monday or Tuesday. You may leave comments below. For more personal matters, please email me at

Lastly, I want to thank you for allowing me to educate your child. Your child is in the best of hands throughout the day and you are welcome anytime!

Thank You,

Ms. Mohamed