PTA Reflection piece winner

In the beginning of the year, the PTA sent home an entry form to create an artistic piece to showcase their idea of how to make the world a better place. A winner from our class was chosen and honored.

Congratulations Juliana Zaghir on your art work!

If you would like to participate in such an event, this takes place every fall in September.

Great job and good luck next year!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of February 9th

Reading: We will be reading several stories this week: Bus Stops, The park, Mouse needs a friend and Fishing. All these stories connect to our unit of community.

Writing: We will be creating a book called For You. We will create multiple pages in a heart shape of course!

Spelling words for this week: you, for, kit, pit, sit, see, we

Word family: -it (fit, sit, pit, kit, lit, wit,  bit, hit, split, quit

Math: We will be exploring the penny and nickel. We will learn its value and how to count a group of them. We will also practice writing 1-100. We will play games using a 100’s chart. We will even find hidden pictures in the numbers chart.

Social Studies: Presidents Day! We will review George Washington and meet Abraham Lincoln.

Science: We will explore more land forms. We explored oceans, and  mountains. We even talked about volcanoes! We will explore valleys, rivers, lakes and plains.

A couple of notes:

  • Congratulations Kindergartners! We won a pizza party for selling the most pizza kits in the school! We will be celebrating on our Valentines day party.
  • I sent home a special book bag with your child.  Please read and return this book bag every day. If your child does not have it, I can not change the book every 2 weeks. The purpose of re-reading familiar books is to work on accuracy.
  • Make sure you read 20 min everyday and record it on the book log.
  • Library day is every Wednesday. Make sure your child has the library book on that day to return and check out a new book.
  • Spelling test is on Fridays. We will have a practice test on Thursday.
  • We will be collecting Box Tops. Class that collects the most tops win something from the PTA. A letter was sent home last week with further details.
  • There will be no school February 16-20 for mid winter break. Students will return to February 23rd.



Week of February 2, 2015

Happy SNOW DAY!! (Monday, February 2, 2015)

Literacy: This week is all about communities! We are building neighborhood maps with directions. We will discuss what a key is and even a compass rose! We will be looking at different communities around the world.

Our vocabulary words are:

community- a place where we live, work and play!

map, globe, community helpers

Spelling words for next week: you, for, kit, pit, sit, see, we ( this was a short week- so we will not have a spelling test on Friday)

word family: -it (sit, pit, kit, fit, hit, bit…)

Letters of the week: Review letter Hh

Math: writing and counting to 100. We are rapidly approaching the 100th day of school. If you have something you would like to share that has 100 items that children can count, feel free to bring it in!  (As long as they can carry it. examples include: 100 pennies in a jar, 100 marbles, 100 pieces of cearl, etc)

Science: We are starting our earth unit. We will investigate different types of land forms such as soil, sand and water.

Social studies: It all about maps/globes. We will be creating maps, reading maps and exploring interactive maps.

House keeping/Reminders:

*We have a talent show presented by the upper elementary, please donate $1 to go to the Ronald McDonald House at Children ‘s Hospital.

*Library check out day is Wednesday. Many of the children are not bringing the books back.

*Talent show to rescheduled- due to snow day

*4th/5th grade concert Thursday. Concert for school at 2:00, concert for parents at 7:00.


Ms. Mohamed


What a week!

Magnet experiment-first we wrote our hypothesis, then investigated to find our conclusions! Below are our pics:

IMG_2620IMG_2621IMG_2622IMG_2623IMG_2624 IMG_2626IMG_2628IMG_2629IMG_2630 IMG_2632IMG_2633IMG_2634IMG_2635


We also had a special presentation about the Science of Music. We had a couple of volunteers from our class. We captured this on class color day! Great job Paul, Chelsea, Hashem and Mariam F..

IMG_2789IMG_2796 IMG_2792IMG_2791


Finally, Friday was our birthday bash/pajama/crazy hair day! Below are pics and a short clip:

FullSizeRender_1  FullSizeRender


A special thank you goes out to the parents who donated the gifts for the kindergarteners! They loved it. Also, thanks for helping out Michael, Madina and Groffin’s mom! The kids had a blast!

Ms. Mohamed



Week of January 26th

We have a busy week coming up!  Please make sure your child is well fed, well rested, and here at school.

All students will be taking the MAP, which is an assessment tool to mark their progress.  They took this assessment last October, now it’s time for a mid-year check, and they will take one more in the Spring.

All students will have a District Writing Prompt.  This assessment also happens 3 times a year.

This week is also Howard Spirit Week.  The students always enjoy these events.  A yellow note went home last week detailing the events but here’s a repeat.

Monday-Mismatch/Sports Day  Wear clothes that don’t match or wear something to cheer on your favorite team.

Tuesday-Class Color day   Kindergarten’s color is BLUE.  PTA is sponsoring a Science Assembly.  Thanks PTA!

Wednesday-Hippie Day   Students can come to school dressed like a hippie      It’s also LIBRARY DAY for my class.  Please have your student put their Library Book in their backpack on Tuesday night.

Thursday_Character/Movie Day    Dress like a movie or book character and we’ll enjoy a movie in our room.

Friday-(their favorite day! )   Pajama/Crazy Hair/Birthday Bash day  Students can come to school in their PJ’s and with crazy hair. We’ll also have a birthday treat to celebrate everyone’s birthday!!

Spelling Tests Begin This Week


We’ll be discussing places in our neighborhood (Library, Police Station, Fire Station, School)  We’ll be discussing main characters and details in stories.  Look for these when you are reading at home or even watching TV. During the middle of a story or during a commercial, ask “Who is the main character in this show?  What is the problem in the show?  How was the problem solved?  What were 3 details in the story/show?”  Get them thinking!


WORD- Are   are

SPELLING-Here are the spelling words for this week.  Spelling Tests will be on Fridays (usually :) )

We’ll work with the “at” family.  We’ll have known words (words we’ve had previously from first semester) and new weekly words.  So, this Friday’s words are:   cat  mat  fat   can   I   are

WRITING-We’ll be writing dialogue.  Can you believe it…writing with dialogue in Kindergarten??!!

SOCIAL STUDIES-Students will work in groups to create a map of a town.  They will be using these maps the following week for their writing.

MATH-Graphing using Tally marks, pictures, etc.  How do we read the graph?  What shall we title the graph (because all graphs have titles!)

Next week we’ll work with money.  Get your coins ready!

We are entering the second semester of Kindergarten.  Expectations will be stepped up.  Keep the reading, writing, math, discussions, thinking, problem solving, going at home.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of January 20th!

Short week! Review week!

We will finish our unit about Animals. We will focus on Animal Homes- Habitats!

Reading: We  will read called The coyote and the turtle, Mole and the baby bird, 3 little kittens and Hidden homes. Each story refers to where certain animals lives.

Writing: We will write about animals some more. This time we will describe the animal using colors and animal coverings. We will identify where they live (habitats).

Math: We will be writing numbers. We will also practice counting to 100.

Science: Habitats-animal homes

Social Studies: review what we do daily yesterday, today and tomorrow. Review Martin Luther King Jr. and how he wanted peaceful change.


*No school Monday, January 19

*1/2 day Thursday, January 22

*No school Friday, January 23

*Next week- Spirit Week- Flyer coming home today!

Ms. Mohamed



Week of January 12th

Literacy Unit: Animals-change and grow

Reading: We will be reading a non-fiction book called Animal Babies an ABC book. This book tells us the name of the animal baby and some facts. We will be sorting and classifying the animals by fur, tails and wings. We will discuss other characteristics to sort and classify. We will also be reading fiction animal stories such as The 3 bears, The ugly duckling and poems about animals growing.

Writing: We will be writing 2 complete sentences. We begin by discussing our idea and charting it. We have shared our opinions to our buddies and aloud. We will write about our favorite fur animal. Then will write about our favorite winged animal and finally will write about our favorite animal with a tail. You should see these pieces coming home through out the week.

Sight word: play, one, two, three

Letter of the week: Ff

Math: We will continue practice counting by 5’s. We practice daily computation and problem solving skills. We will create order of daily events as a whole group. Finally we will create and continue patterns.

Social Studies: We will work on our very own time lines. We will also discuss our very first president George Washington. We will discuss Martin Luther King Jr.

Science: We will revisit our magnet investigation and discuss push and pull.


*Pizza kits fundraiser is coming home today. Please submit money directly to the office in the PTA mailbox.

*Late start Wednesday, January 14th- we still have library check out day

Ms. Mohamed