Week of March 9th

Reading We will be learning about answering comprehension question from a read aloud or from the story they just read. Students will learn how to answer questions in complete sentences by using the question to restate the answer. Students will also practice asking questions for stories prior to reading them (ie. I wonder why the character is crying?). Practice with stories at home as well. 

Writing We will be writing a personal narrative. We will use transition words: First, Next,Then, Last. We will do this independently. The sentence stem: First, __. Next, __. Then, ___.  Last, __. 

Language Arts l-Blends: cl-, bl-, fl-, gl, pl, sl(floor, block, clock etc.) Grammar: verbs, Phonemic Awareness: rhymes, short  medial sound of cvc words short u, Spelling words:has, is, for, are, you, run, sun, fun, bun

Review sight words: she, did, not, have, you, said, this, on, up, dog, little, here, get, from, red,  big 

Math We will be counting numbers 0-100. We will continue to practice count by 5’s to 100. We will learn to compose and decompose numbers sets within 10 using number bonds, pictures, number sentences, linking cubes and base ten blocks.  We will learn about missing addend with subtraction problems. We will practice using three strategies: using their fingers, draw and cross out pictures and hopping backwards on a number line. 

Social Studies We will learn about geography. We will explore maps, globes, compass rose (north, south, east, west) and directional words.  We will also make map keys and symbols to represent items on a map. We map different types of maps: neighborhood, classroom and community. 


Friday, March 13th, half day for all students.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed

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