Week of March 2nd

Reading We will be learning about the weather. We will explore literature and informational stories regarding weather. We will discuss retelling stories with key details. 

Writing We will be writing a personal narrative. We will use transition words: First, Next,Then, Last. We will do this together as a whole group. The sentence stem: First, __. Next, __. Then, ___.  Last, __. 

Language Arts l-Blends: cl-, bl-, fl-, gl, pl, sl(floor, block, clock etc.) Grammar: nouns, Phonemic Awareness: rhymes, short  medial sound of cvc words short o, Spelling words:go, in, my, he, mop, top, hop, flop, chop, shop, 

Review sight words: she, did, not, have, you, said, this, on, up, dog, little, here, get, from, red,  big, 

Math We will be counting numbers 0-100. We will continue to practice count by 5’s to 100. We will learn about number bonds. We will learn to compose and decompose numbers sets within 10 using number bonds, pictures, number sentences, linking cubes and base ten blocks.   

Social Studies We will learn about geography. We will explore maps, globes, compass rose (north, south, east, west) and directional words. 


Please make sure your reading everyday for March is Reading Month

Updated Parent Reader schedule:

March 2nd Monday- 8:55 Hussain’s mom

March 4th Wednesday-3:15-Ali K’s mom, 10:00 Anthony’s mom

March 6th Friday-8:55 Leann’s dad, 3:00- Adam B’s mom

March 9th Monday- 8:55 Abraham’s dad

March 11th Wednesday-8:55 Jenna’s mom

March 13th Friday-8:55 Jacob’s mom, 9:00- Naeem’s dad

March 16th Monday- 8:55 Reem’s mom

March 18th Wednesday-9:55 Naydeen’s dad 

March 20th Friday-8:55 Yaseen’s mom, 9:00- Charis’ mom

March 23rd Monday- 8:55______

March 25th Wednesday-8:55 Samir’s mom

March 27th Friday-8:55 Noor’s mom

Thank you for the parents that have signed up to read to us. If the above times do not work for you, please email a time and we could make it work.

Thank you!

Ms. Mohamed

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