Assignment #2

Go to Mr. Bazzi’s Blog: bazziart

  1. Look at the post about Balance.
  2. Use objects you have in your house and create three different compositions using the three types of balance.
  3. Take pictures of each and put them in a google doc and share with me.
  4. Write a few sentences explaining each composition.

Assignment #1

  1. Look up different line drawing techniques.
  2. Choose 3 that are DIFFERENT from each other. I will attach examples used in drawings. (You are not creating a drawing just examples of the line technique you chose).
  3. Recreate them on a blank piece of paper. 4″x4″, use pen.
  4. Take a picture of them or scan them and put them in a google doc and share with me.;sa%3DD%26amp;ust%3D1584706953326000&sa=D&ust=1584706953370000&usg=AFQjCNH18qtH9lJUasvPPzoRrd03EAWvIQ

Sorry!!! I forgot to include the link!