Assignment #1

  1. Please click or copy the link.
  2. Look through each image ad choose 3 that you think have strong compositions (if you are unsure of composition, look it up).
  3. Write 2-3 sentences for each picture telling me why YOU think it is a good composition. I don’t want a definition. I know what it means 🙂
  4. Copy the picture that you use ans place it with the writing in a google doc and share with me.
  6. Here is the link. You will have to copy and paste it into the browser.


Please go to Mr. Bazzi’s blog: bazziart

  1. Look at the post about Balance.
  2. Use objects you have in your house and create three different compositions using the three types of balance.
  3. Take pictures of each and put them in a google doc and share with me.
  4. Write a few sentences explaining each composition.

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  1. Hey its zeinab bazzi am from 4th hour ceramics two I actually really miss school😢..btw im sorry im late I just saw your gmail!

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