Online Physical Education

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be continuing with the online physical education. I will be adding daily activities for students to participate in each week on our google classroom/blog. Students will be required to complete one assignment per week. 5 points per questions = 25 points per week. I hope that you will continue to be physically active and be conscious of your eating habits. Check my blog and google classroom for fun links, videos, and other information. If you have not done so already please sign up for your appropriate google classroom.

Google Classroom Codes

1st hr (7th Grade PE) (wdp33yx)

2nd hr (7th/8th Grade PE) (onzixe6)

4th hr (6th Grade PE) (v65xhz7)

5th hr (7th Grade PE) (snkzffx)

6th hr (8th Grade PE) (sjgvakx)

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