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Hello Families!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

  • We started our Benchmark Unit 1, and it is VERY different from 1st grade.  There is a lot of note taking, we will be writing an essay, making connections within a text, and much, much more!  Please remind your child that they can do hard things ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The spelling words were sent home on Friday. There will be a spelling test this Friday along with a Reading Skills quiz on Main Idea.  Please have your child study their words at home.

  • Reading Homework:

Monday – Thursday students will read the fluency passage that was sent home today.  Students are to read the passage three times out loud.  Then color or check the boxes at the bottom each time they read the passage.  When your child has finished reading the fluency passage, please sign in on the appropriate day of the week (below boxes at the bottom).

A fluency passage will go out each Monday moving forward.  It is due on Friday. 

This provides quick and easy practice with repetition to help your child develop fluency while practicing our phonics skill and words for the week.

  • Math Homework:

A Review of our Module 1 was sent home tonight. There will be no Math Homework Tomorrow or Wednesday.  

  • Math Test over Module 1 will be Wednesday 9/28/22.
  • Students will complete a Study Guide for their MAth Test tomorrow in class and bring it home.
  • With the changing weather please be sure your child is dressed appropriately each day. We will continue to go outside for recess everyday.
  • Parents must sign their late students in when they arrive. The sign-in book is in the lobby. Parents CANNOT go to the classrooms.
  • Students are marked late after 9:05 am.
  • Last call to sign up for PTA! Our class is currently at 50% signed up. We only need 6 more families to sign-up to get our cider and donuts! Please sign up if you havenโ€™t already ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need another PTA Membership Form, please email me.
  • In the chaos of the beginning of the year and starting this new position, I have misplaced my conference sign-up sheet.  Therefore, I will be sending out a sign-up genius later this week so that families can sign-up for a conference time.  I apologize for this inconvenience. I have literally looked through all of my room and files and cannot find it anywhere :/
  • Tomorrow, I will not be in.  Mrs. Khatib will be subbing in my room.  During pick-up, please walk up to her so she knows who the students are going with.

Finally, Montessori students should learn to thrive in independence. We are really focusing on working independently and accomplishing our goals in a timely manner daily in our classroom. In order for each student to have the opportunity to work in a small group with me, I need the students to be working on their goal work independently in the classroom during the afternoon. We are going to continue practicing this but you can also reinforce this concept at home! Children thrive at being able to accomplish and learn things on their own– it is one of the core concepts of Montessori. Something simple like making their own lunches, packing backpacks, and choosing outfits for the day is so important for them and learning responsibility/independence. I encourage you to give your child more responsibilities at home to learn to be more independent. For example, they should be able to sit and do the review math worksheet page independently. If they need help they should ask… but remember to model, not just give the answer. I am looking forward to seeing all of the growth that will occur over the next few months in which they learn that being a 2nd grader might be a bit tougher than 1st grade, but the outcome will provide them with such pride, independence, and a very successful school year.

Have a great evening!

Mrs. Verrier

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