Quick Info!

Hello Families!

NO homework tonight! We need more practice over today’s lesson.

I will be moving our Math Test to next week.  I want to make sure that we practice well before I give an assessment.

I have had many questions about Zearn and Raz-Kids.  I have just received my login information.  I need to set up student accounts and will send home how to login next week.  Completing Zearn and Raz-Kids will also be something that students will be doing in the classroom also.  Please practice with your child logging into their accounts after I send home the login information so that they will be able to do it independently in class.  

Next week we will be starting our Benchmark Units and new handwriting program.

2nd Grade is much different than kindergarten and 1st Grade.  Students are expected to complete much work independently.  Our curriculum will also start to change from learning to read to reading to learn.  These changes also bring much more independence in the classroom. We have been practicing this week completing Must-Dos and May-Dos in Math, along with following multi-step directions.  Next week, I will be introducing our Daily Goal sheets.  Each student will receive a Daily Goal sheet for their Montessori Work Time.  These goals are specific to what each student needs to be practicing.  Please talk to your child at night about what they accomplished from their Daily Goals.  Talking with them about their successes will help motivate them and reinforce that they can do hard things 🙂  Doing hard things is something we have been discussing a lot in our room.  I want them to know, just because something is hard NOW, it will not always be that way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

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