Our final exam will now be Tuesday, June 11th & Wednesday, June 12th.

Study Guide answers are on Google Classroom.

If you have any questions, please see me or email me tonight.

Good luck everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lesson 15 & Lesson 16 PPS Pages

If you decided to take the Practice and Problem solving pages home for Lesson 15 and Lesson 16, the answers to check your work are on GOOGLE CLASSROOM!
If you did not, I have attached blank copies on GOOGLE CLASSROOM! ๐Ÿ™‚
We will complete the study guide Thursday and Friday next week! I will be uploading copies of the Study Guide to Google Classroom on Thursday or Friday of next week, along with the answers.
Have a great 5 day break! Enjoy!!!

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Lesson 13 Vocab

Below are the 4 vocab words for Lesson 13 and the notes that should be on your flip book.

Percent Change- the ratio that compares the amount of change to the original amount.

Percent Increase- ย the percent a quantity increases from its original amount.

Percent Decrease- the percent a quantity decreases from its original amount.

Percent Error- the ratio that describes how far an estimate is from the actual amount.


Lesson 13 Reminders!


Lesson 13 quiz will be this Wednesday!!!

Due in class Wednesday is the following work!

1.) Instruction books pages 118-121

2.) Practice and Problem Solving pages (PPS) 125-130

3.) Lesson 13 Study Guide (worth 2 summative points!)

Lesson 12- Shopping with Percents Project

Today in class we started the Shopping with Percents project. Below is an example created to help you solve the problems. There are also examples of how to round when the calculator shows more place values that what is used when representing money.

For the project, your notebook will be key in helping you calculate the discount (markdown), markup, sales tax, and coupon (markdown).

You may email me at mcgratm@dearbornschools.org with specific questions.

This project is summative and is due Monday, April 22nd.



Lesson 12 Vocabulary & Frayer Models

Welcome back 7th graders! Hope you all had a great spring break!

Lesson 12 has a lot of new vocabulary. In class this week we will be writing the words and definitions (found below) into our vocab section of our notebooks. You will then be responsible to complete a Frayer Model for each vocab word. The completed Frayer Models will be due to me at theย beginning of class onย Friday April 12th!


Lesson 12 Vocab

Simple Interest-a percent of an amount borrowed that is paid to the lender in addition to the amount borrowed.

Tax- a percent of a purchase that is added to the purchase and paid to the government

Markup- a percent added to the cost of an item to determine the selling price

Markdown- the amount by which a price is reduced

Gratuity- a percent added on to the cost of a service.

Commission- a percent of a sales amount awarded to the person making the sale

Fee-a sum paid or charged for a service

Week before Spring Break NEWS & end of Marking Period!

The end of the marking period is March 29th! Check with me for missing assignments if needed. Also, do NOT forget you can do IXL extra credit for 1/2 summative extra credit point for every one you score a 95 or higher on. The IXL extra credit is due THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH.

Next week we have our Lesson 11 test on Thursday, March 28th. We will be working on more practice Monday and we will complete our study guide on Tuesday. Bring the Study Guide to class on Thursday, as it is worth 2 summative points, and can NOT be turned in late.

Don’t forget………Wednesday is your field trip.


Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Makeup Bellwork Quiz & Lesson 10 Quiz Retake

Anyone wanting to make up the Bellwork Quiz from last Friday can come after school tomorrow, as soon as the bell rings, to make it up.

Retakes for anyone who got below a 70% on the bellwork quiz or the Lesson 10 Test can also come tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19th, after school, to redo the test.

Tests will start promptly after school, as I can only stay until 3:45 P.M.

**Remember the Study Guide for Lesson 10 in on Google Classroom for your studying purposes!

Lesson 9 Quiz

Your lesson 9 quiz in TOMORROW, Tuesday, February 12th. Do not forget to complete your study guide. I have uploaded help and answers onto our Google Classroom. Please check that. If you have questions please email!