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7th Grade Mathematics

Classroom Syllabus & Expectations

Mrs. McGrath


This course will follow the Common Core State Mathematics Standards for 7th grade. Class work will be completed through use of the “Ready Math”  textbook and workbook, work in an Interactive Notebook, interaction with a variety of grade level resources, in addition to the ongoing using of technology. As a class we will work together throughout the year to build a strong classroom community of learners who are safe, respectful, and responsible both inside the classroom and out. We will be focusing on the positive and always trying to do our best work, even if that means we make mistakes.


*1 Notebook (spiral or composition)


* Pencils (#2)

* Colored ink pens (any color other than black)

The items in bold are REQUIRED!

* Dry Erase Board Markers (EXPO)

* Scissors

* Glue Stick

* Pencil pouch/ container

* Tissue Boxes (1)

* Hand Sanitizer (1)

* Clorox wipes (1)


The course will be broken down into weighted sections.

Summative Grades are 70% of your final grade and include the following:

–    Test/ Quiz Grades

–    Essays/ Reports

–    Projects

Formative Grades are 30% of your final grade and include the following:

  • Bellwork
  • Interactive Notebook
  • Homework


Percentage Letter Grades

100-98 A+

94-97 A

90-93 A-

87-89 B+

84-86 B

80-83 B-

77-79 C+

74-76 C

70-73 C-

67-69 D+

64-66 D

60-63 D-  

<59   E


In Class: assignments are to be submitted at the end of each class period, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

Homework: assignments are to be submitted the first school day after the assignment was given. All homework assignments are to be turned into the homework basket prior to the start of the class. Incomplete homework assignments will be graded as such.

Late Policy: If assignments are incomplete, the student will have one day to make up the assignment at the discretion of the teacher. Assignments submitted late are subject to points being lost. Late assignments will be deducted 10%  per day, up to 2 days late.

Extra Help: Students can access the class blog, as well as google classroom at all times to find resources to further help them with in class skills and assignments. Mrs. McGrath will also be available before school, by appointment only.

Retake Policy: Students will be given opportunities to re-do formative assessments as often as they “choose” to do so. For summative assessments below 70%, students will be offered one opportunity to retake a different version of the assessment, with the higher of the two scores being recorded into the gradebook.

** Please keep your assignments that have been graded and returned to you as an additional resources, and also to show that it has been completed if there are any questions in regard to missing assignments.


Class expectations & Behavior Policy

Students are expected to follow the building policies as outlined in the Woodworth Student Code of Conduct. In addition, students will adhere to the expectations agreed upon in class. The following is the behavior policy in the classroom.

1st offense: Warning and Redirection

2nd offence: Seat change/ Reflection paper

3rd offence: Parent Contact

4th offence: Lunch Detention with the Teacher and Parent Contact

5th offence: Follow up with Assistant Principal/ Social Responsibility Technicians


If you have any questions please feel free to stop by or email me at an appropriate time! , or check out my blog at

Course reminders will be sent out through Remind101 as well as  my school iblog site. Additional information in regard to registering for these communication options will be shared at a later date.

I am looking forward to a great 2018-19 School Year!

Mrs. McGrath

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  1. Hi Mrs.Mcgrath! Can you please put up what we have to do for the worksheet do Friday? Like are we suppose to do Example-Picture, Definition, Sentence and Non-Example?

  2. Hey Mrs.Mcgrath I turned in Lesson 1 Add positive and negative integer homework page 5 and 6 and on student connect it says that I didn’t do it!!??

  3. Hi Ms Mcgrath can send me a picture of the ixl extra credit please because i lost mine and i want to get some done today

  4. Ms McGrath could you put the homework that we had for today on mutiplying and dividing fractions on google classroom or on this blog.I can’t found the worksheet.

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