End of the semester

Well, it is that time….the end of the semester! Unit 1 test grades will be in Gradebook by Monday. Reminder, you have no school Monday and a half day Tuesday and Wednesday!


Also, if you are looking for something to do Monday……The Henry Ford Museum is offering FREE admission! See below……

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 21, 2019

Celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the many ordinary people who had the extraordinary courage and commitment to ask for more from their nation on civil rights.

Enjoy Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation for FREE, including admission and parking, plus activities and dramatic presentations.

Unit 1 Test!

Reminder: your Unit 1 TEST is tomorrow and Friday!

You are allowed to have 1 piece of paper, front and back, with notes from lesson 1 through lesson 8.

Below are some of the posters that have been up in class along with some examples if needed. Any questions please feel free to email me at mcgratm@dearbornschools.org, reply to this post, or message me on Remind. Happy Studying! 🙂 🙂





Winter Break homework

Over the winter break you are required to complete 60 minutes ( 1 hour) of practice on Khan Academy! Watching videos does not count!

This will be a summative grade!

REMINDER: Don’t forget that you have IXL extra credit due a week and half after you come back from break! I have attached the sheets in case you lost yours.

Math IXL extra credit:


Study Skills IXL Extra Credit:



Lesson 7 Quiz

Quiz is tomorrow. Remember to complete Instruction pages 62-63 and PPS pages 65-66 as your study guide. They are worth 2 summative points!

Once completed head over to Google Classroom to check your answers.

Good luck studying and email or message me on Remind with any specific questions.



Next week in Math…

Next week is the last week before Winter Break.

We will be working on adding and subtracting, positive & negative rational (fractions, decimals, & whole) numbers Monday through Wednesday.

Thursday December 20th will be the Lesson 7 quiz.

ALSO, don’t forget that on Friday, December 21st, will have Bellwork Quiz #4.


Looking ahead…..

After winter break we will work on Lesson 8 for a few days.

We will then review for our Unit 1 Test.

The Unit 1 test will be on Friday, January 11th.

NWEA for Math will be January 14-16th.

Lesson 6 Math Menu

In class today we started our Lesson 6 Math Menu. Remember, you will have Monday’s class time to finish the work on the menu. At the end of class, whatever is not finished WILL be HOMEWORK! Your math menu for Lesson 6 will be due Tuesday at the beginning of class.

I have attached below a copy of the math menu in case you forgot it at school and want to complete the IXl’s at home.

Remember you must show ALL  work for your IXl problems on a sheet of paper and turn it in with your menu.



Have a great weekend! 🙂


Multiplying & Dividing Rational Numbers

We are currently working on Lesson 6, which is multiplying and dividing rational numbers. For this lesson you need to be fluent in multiplying and dividing fractions AND decimals. Please use your IXL or Khan Academy login to gain extra practice if you feel you need some extra work. I can always provide worksheets if there is not regular access to a computer.

Also, please remember we will have a bellwork quiz next Friday, December 7th.

IXL extra credit—don’t forget you have your IXL extra credit that you can be working on. It will be due in mid-January.