September 8

Week 1: September 7-September 11

Please watch my introduction video below.

Click to listen to the story:

After listening to the story, use this link to write about how you are feeling:

When you click the link, make sure you click “make a copy” If you cannot open the document, please write on a separate piece of paper!

To my kindergarten and first grade students, you can always send me a picture or response through Class Dojo or to my email at You can send a me a picture, video or written response.

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  1. By adam alsaidi on

    i am a little scared this school year because it is so different.The story is so nice i feel it is funny how the flamingo was changing colors when his mood changed. I think it does not matter what color are you its is what is inside you the matter.

  2. By Mahdi Hammoud on

    For today’s lesson 9/10/2020 the part I liked the most was when the ducks became friends and was happy.

  3. By malak on

    hi miss farhat this school year will be different bec its only online and u cant see your friends and teacher i hope i can go back to school to see everyone.

  4. By Esma Bezzi on

    I feel a little sad because I REALLY want to be in school. But virtual learning is better then nothing! So that made me feel a little better. When I eat food, it makes me feel calm!

  5. By marram my wifi is slow :( on

    im excited and nervous and when im nervous or excited i think about my dad and me drawing about my dad <3 love u dad XD

  6. By Fatima nahshal on

    This school year, I’m feeling very excited about this school year

  7. By duaa alwakeedi on

    I feel ok about the new school year, and I feel a little nervous.


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