May 11

Enrichment Lesson for 5/11-5/15

Good morning! I am so very proud of everyone who completed their last assignment. I am really impressed with how creative you were in making your instruments. Special shoutout to Ms. Jacobs’ class and Ms. Zapata’s class for having the most students turn in their assignments. I would love to see everyone participate!

For your assignment this week, you are going to explore buoyancy. This means you will explore why an object sinks or why it floats. If you are in 3rd-5th grade, try the challenge below the assignment. First, you will watch this video:

After you watch the video:

  1. Go outside and find 5 objects.
  2. Make sure you have a tub/bucket filled with water.
  3. Create a chart using the link
  4. Before you test your objects, make a prediction: Do you think your object will sink or float? Record your prediction on your chart.
  5. Test the object: place the object in water and see if it floats or sinks. Record what actually happened.
  6. Share your chart with me in your Class Dojo portfolio, a dojo message or send to my email

Challenge Assignment

If you want a challenge, try this! Using a piece of aluminum foil, create a raft. How many pennies does it hold before it sinks? Take a photo or video of your raft and let me know how many pennies it holds.

Constrictions (so that it’s fair to everyone):

  1. Aluminum foil can only be a 10″ x 10″ piece (make sure you measure and cut off the excess).
Image result for foil boat penny stem challenge | Stem lesson ...

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