Week 7: May 4- 8th Landscape

It really stinks being at home for this long. We’re all tired of the same 4 walls and are looking for a change in scenery, and here is your chance. I’d like you to think about somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or maybe a place you’ve already been. It is important that we use a picture to draw from to make it more realistic, as you’ll need it for reference to draw, and for me to compare it to for grading. First you’ll be drawing with large shapes and lines, then coloring it. Don’t just copy the video, try and find your own picture.

  1. Watch attached videos to see how to draw with lines and shapes.
  2. Find a photo from internet or photo you’d like to draw. Challenge yourself!
  3. Get an 8 x 11 paper or bigger to draw in pencil.
  4. Find the horizon line, draw it, and then find other large shapes or lines to draw.
  5. Draw what you see, not triangle mountains and trees, flat beach scenes, etc.
  6. Think scribbly lines, organic shapes, not elementary school trees please.
  7. Follow shading directions from videos to show texture of leaves ,grass, water, etc.
  8. You can use color materials of any kind, or if you don’t have, use a pencil to shade.
  9. Take photo of art and photo reference in same picture if possible, and turn in.

Week 6: April 27- May 1 Zentangle

For this week’s assignment, you are creating a Zentangle. This is an abstract art form that asks you to come up with many random designs and put them together to create a larger design which is then colored brightly to bring it all together. It is also proven to calm and relax those who are working on them, which is why I chose this project. These times are strange and stressful and we all need to forget about life for a while. First, watch the video, then look at the attached sample files to see examples of student work. Use an 8x 11 piece of paper and draw a large shape that takes up most of the paper. Then divide the shape into at least 12- 16 different areas. Draw your own lines and shapes in pen for each area to create different patterns in each area. Color in any way you wish, markers work best! Have fun and relax!

Google MEET is Starting Tuesday

We will be starting up Google MEET as a chance to communicate as a group each Tuesday of the week. I will also have Office Hours when you can email me and get an immediate response (which you can get most all weekdays from 8 – 3 anyway). My Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am- 11am. My email is kades@dearbornschools.org Google Meet will begin this Tuesday the 21st and carry through the rest of the year. You can log into your Google Classroom for Art and click the link which will be live 10 minutes before the meeting each week. We will be catching up on things, I’ll be answering questions and giving examples of what to do each week. Your attendance to the the Google Meet counts for partial credit in addition to your project grade each week, so being there regularly will only improve your grade! Have your work with you so I can see what you’re up to and give you advice or help. Schedule is below:

6th Grade both A and B days Tuesdays from 10:00- 10:30am

7th grade 3rd hour Tuesdays 10:30- 11:00am

8th grade 4th hour Tuesday 11:00- 11:30am

7th grade 5th hour Tuesday, 11:30- 12:00 am

8th grade 6th hour 12:00-12:30am

Week 5: April 20-24

Assignment 5: Graffiti Name Tag This week, I wanted to give you a unique and relaxing assignment where you could relax your technical skills and just have run with round shapes and simple, fun, and colorful imagery. I’d like you to find read this quick article about graffiti and the artist Banksy. I’d then like you to answer the questionShould Graffiti be considered art, and should it be allowed legally in specific areas of public? When complete, I’d like you to create your own personal and unique GRAFFITI TAG WITH YOUR NAME. Here are the rules: 1. make it large to fit the material you have to draw it on. 2. Use the attached files to copy lettering from, or find your own guide. 3. Color in fully using whatever materials you have. 4. Take photo of art, upload to Google Classroom, or email kades@dearbornschools.org 5. You must include answer to question above in contents of Google Classroom, or in email to me.


To read article you must sign in at STUDENT LOG IN, use code Kadeartclass

Grading Update 4/14/20

Please check your grades on Student Connect. I’ve uploaded all the work you have completed over the past month into MiStar and this has changed your grade to reflect these assignments. All students who turned in work received full credit and the grades were Formative. If you have any questions about your grade, drop me an email: kades@dearbornschools.org. We will have more information coming this week about grading and I’ll let you know what I find out. It looks like we are going to a Pass/Fail system. If you complete work remotely, you will pass, if not, its hard to see that happening, but I’ll know more soon and let you know.

Week #4 April 13- 17

Hello! I hope you all had a great week away from your studies, and are healthy and safe. I appreciate you doing the work remotely up to this point. We’ll continue forward the rest of the year this way, and we’ll be getting word shortly on grading policies moving forward. Currently everyone turning in work weekly has an A on these projects. I hope your efforts to be creative have taken your mind off being at home so much and have given you a way to express yourself and escape from this situation. This weeks projects will be more specific for each grade level and should be more finished projects this time, and reflect 3 hours of work for 6th grade and 5 hours or work for 7th and 8th. Paper is 8 x 11 minimum or larger if you have it. Projects are due on Friday April 17 at 4pm.

6th grade Intro to Art- Character Design Project This week, I’d like you to create an original character for a new video game or cartoon. The character should reflect certain details that tell people who your character is, or what their purpose in the game is (good guy/ bad guy, etc.). I’d like the drawing to be as large on the paper as possible, and be in full color, as color helps us understand what the character, show, or game could be. Outline the character in black pen or marker to finish the project. Examples are attached of finished student work from last year.

7th & 8th grade 3D Art- Still Life Project For this project, I’d like to focus on drawing some of your favorite things you have and drawing them. A still life is a classic art project going back thousands of years. It tells a lot about you and it’s good practice to draw things in front of you. Place 3 items on a table and spend 2 -3 hours over the course of a few days drawing them. Start by looking at each item and try to find basic shapes in them and draw them big to fit paper. Details are important to help with realism, so draw as many as you can on each items. Once complete shade in with pencil using at least 3 shades of gray. Lighten pressure to get lighter gray shades. If you’d rather color project in marker, paint, or colored pencils, feel free. Examples are attached so you can see finished results of other students last year.

April 3rd- Projects Due Today

Hello Students! First of all I wanted to let you know your grades for the 3rf cardmarking are posted to ParentConnect now and you can see your progress for the year so far. I am continuing to grade the work since we’ve been working from home, and from what I understand, they will also play a role in your final grade for the class, so PLEASE continue to do the work asked of you and turn it in so you won’t lose points. Today our work from the 3rd week is due before “Spring Break”. I accept work until Sunday, and after that, it will be considered late. After Spring Break we’ll be at it again, but you will have less choices and the work will start to be more specific, but will still be due every week until the end of the school year. The year is NOT OVER so continue to create and we’ll get through this together!

Rooted in Love

Hello my friends, I wanted to show you this video to remind you that we are all going through the same thing during this time of crisis. I know it hurts for all of us. I know school can be “annoying” but its how we learn and grow as students and people, so we need it in our lives, but can’t get it right now. This video can put things in perspective maybe. I miss you all and hope you are doing well and staying mentally positive! Be creative, it helps!

Week #3 March 30- April 3

I got so many different and interesting projects turned in last week, I really love seeing how you’ve all spent your time creatively while we’ve been away. I really miss seeing your talents in person and look forward to the day we can create together again! I saw amazing LEGO sculptures, cool origami, great looking baked goods and meals, tye dyed clothes, cool character illustrations, and a tree house! Because you projects were so diverse, I want to continue our creative flow by giving you all choices to fit your situation.

For 7th and 8th grade classes, I expect to see one or more projects that take up approximately 5 hours of your time. For 6th grade classes, I expect to see one or more finished projects that take uely the same.p 3 hours to complete. For drawings, they should be fully shaded or colored with background and be 8 x 11 or bigger. Sculptures should be relatively the same size if possible.

  1. For those of you that like to draw eyes and eyebrows, this is the best handout I could find, and will help you draw them more accurately. https://artclasswithlmj.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/eye.jpg
  2. You can always design and cook a meal for your family using various ingredients from a recipe of your choice. Cupcakes, cakes, and cookies were popular last week. It’s amazing what you can create with flour, sugar, and baking soda.
  3. Here is a link to a cool site that will show you how to draw views of characters. Draw various views of a character of choice and color to show different looks. http://dirktiede.com/2017/11/03/how-to-draw-comics-character-design-drawing-the-figure/
  4. If you’re hanging out with your family or pet all day for weeks now, draw and color a portrait of them. Draw a little each day, edit, and revise, and color over the week. Having patience and taking breaks will help it look better- don’t rush!
  5. If you had plans to go somewhere on Spring Break, or you’ve always wanted to go somewhere in your future, draw and color a picture of that place. Please look for some reference photo on the web, or from a picture, as it helps with the realism.
  6. LEGO, building blocks, houses of cards, origami, paper sculptures and playdoh, or sculpting clay characters are fun. Look for tutorials on YouTube for any of these!
  7. Artist Choice: If you have any craft materials like beads and can make bracelets, want to do your hair or make up crazy, or just want to do a nice painting of a favorite thing, knock yourself out and have fun, just fill the page with something great!
  8. The worksheet below features a cool tutorial that shows you how to create the Illusion of a piece of paper having different levels or layers. Its great to practice your shading in either shades of gray with a pencil, or with colors on each level.